FINAL TABLE TIME?! – 2022 WSOPE Poker Vlog Day 4

We're back with another big stack in the $25k NL High-stakes gambler event with our eyes on bracelet # 7!

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TIME?! – 2022 Day 4

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  1. Watched this playout live yesterday. I wish I could have heard your thoughts live when that 4 hit the flop

    1. I don’t think D’Negs can complain, Lady Luck was on his side a lot too at the FT (:

  2. I watched the final table and you played great. The AK vs KQ you just flat called pre and check fold the flop was world class. I was surprised you called with K8 pre for your tournament life against Ben. I was 100% sure you were folding considering how you played at that point and your chip stack. I would love to hear your explanation about this hand. Also, on the bubble the world champ folded AQ pre and then Kim folded AK. Is it good in the long run to fold on the bubble with these kind of hands.

    1. I played the Main Event in Vegas in 2021 and when we reached the bubble, everyone at my table told me to fold.. even if it’s pocket Aces.
      Turns out, the bubble boy that year was eliminated with: pocket Aces.

  3. Volatile swings for everyone in that last 25k!
    Looking forward to your upcoming final tables ..

  4. I’ve been rocking with you for years Daniel. You playing your best right now and I’m sure you gonna keep cashing. Hopefully it all goes well and you can get your 1st place

    1. @S C Only you would laugh at 4ht in a 25K event with a 142K win, also author meant for the future events, stop being a

    2. Who says I was laughing at him coming 4th like? Wind your neck in, I was laughing at him saying ‘Good luck’ when in the video he says he went out in 4th place so either he didn’t watch the video or he didn’t take any notice towards the end

  5. It was cool to see you at the final table…I would call that a good sign of things to come in this tourny…

  6. I saw that they had Tony G and Martin Kabrhel at the same table at the start of the day. Must have been an interesting table. 😀

  7. I love that they’re live streaming the final tables on multiple platforms. Something the cheapskates in America could learn from.

  8. You have always been so much fun to watch and listen to. Great ambassador for poker. So glad you and DP buried the hatchet. Good luck Daniel.

  9. Watched the stream. If those 3 hands you spoke of went the other way I think you would have binked it. It’s crazy how a win or loss can be contributed to just a couple of hands. Thats variance though.

  10. I hate all ins, I love all ins 😂. Impressive finish, but yes still disappointing. I am really enjoying these vlogs, thanks! Go Daniel.

  11. Daniel should have a daily vlog just to BS lol. He is soooo energetic and fun to watch 🎉

  12. Gutted for how you went out! came back from the dead a few times well played though – a cash is a cash even if it doesnt feel like it!

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