Erik Seidel, Nick Schulman & Jeremy Ausmus Battle over Poker Masters Title

The 2022 is a star-studded affair and Event # 1 genuinely provided with an incredible final table that was headlined by Seidel, Schulman, and Ausmus!

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, & Jeremy Ausmus Battle over Masters Title

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  1. love how they are just discussing the recent chess scandal during the game

    1. @Cristobal Mendoza Lopez Norwegian world chess champion Magnus Carlsen abruptly withdrew from a game against American Hans Niemann, reigniting an ongoing cheating controversy in the sport.

      After playing just one move in a match against Niemann on Monday night in the “Julius Baer Generation Cup” online tournament, Carlsen resigned the game without a word and turned off his webcam in front of stunned commentators.

      The 31-year-old five-time world champion did not give an explanation, but his gesture was seen as a further protest against the young American, 12 years his junior.

  2. Am I the only person who can’t listen to this guy do his Liberace imitation? Every word with an S sound at the end gets way over emphasized. Kingssssss. Eightssssss. Katzsssssss. Acesssssss.

  3. Such a punt by Schulman tbh. He folds so tight all tournament and then punts 40 bbs with ace rag why….Ausmus is calling fairly wide in that spot

    1. If he is calling wide heads up, then ace 3 is ahead a huge % of the time. Ausmus has a ton of limp folds, considering they both have to limp a ton of garbage due to the nature of the bb ante. Also he jammed off of 24 bigs, not 40. Ace wheel is a clear jam here. Let’s just enjoy matches like this, and not criticize people who are light years ahead of us.

    2. Yeah have to side with Owen here, I get your point, it’s maybe bottom of range, but we aren’t seeing the set up hands here, just highlights. When your 20bbs deep against a button limping range, Ax becomes a pretty big part of your jamming range. I know where your coming from though, seems like a punt at face value, but he’s ahead of limp calls tbh. BTN is limp trapping KQs etc at this depth.

  4. Who’s the fruity sounding commentator? He literally makes everything unwatchable….

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