Eric Persson’s Beef with Phil Hellmuth Heats Up | Poker Masters Vlog

showed up to the to squash Phil Hellmuth however he was nowhere to be seen during the $10,000 8-Game occasion! Your host Remko Rinkema also overtook Xuan Liu, her canine, Jared Bleznick and Josh Arieh about SPORTS CARDS, and event winner Adam Hendrix who's sporting a throwback Full Tilt hockey jersey he left eBay!

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    1. @Keith Morreale if it didnt fit you would be able to see part of his stomach or something i would think

    2. @I L were just not the same level of fashionista as the rest of the people in the comments i guess lol

    3. Proving the point that Under Armour shirts make you look worse than if you had no shirt on at all

  1. Not sure why Persson comes to play high stakes poker looking like a scuba diver one day and a truck driver the next. But to each his own I guess.

    1. Does it really matter what he is wearing? Man has the money to wear whatever he pleases.

  2. I know Phil Hellmuth is pretty unlikeable but it is really strange when other poker players obsess about him

    1. Did you catch the very recent vid of him in the too tight black muscle tank-top. He donked off a bluff in a $400K + pot, got felted and looked stunned at what he did as he got up and stumbled out of the casino. Loved it!

  3. 2:50 “hope I’ll go away”. Yeah, with that Testosterone injection program you’re clearly on, odds are you’ll stroke out in a year or two.

  4. Dude is the quintessential fish, has boatloads of money from another venture and is down millions and millions playing poker but thinks he’s the man at poker because he’s rich

    1. Well he did play professionally early in his life and then transitioned to the business side of Casinos. He isn’t great, but he’s not a fish.

  5. Why does Phil Hellmuth, the greatest hold ‘em player ever, always buys in super short even when playing in juicy games filled with whales?

    1. Because it’s a cash game. Hellmuths money in cashgames is pretty much up for grabs because he is just unbelievably bad at playing cash. Great Tournament player tho. Well at least he was…

    2. Because he plays with the blinds he steals off others and not his stack….smart cookie.

  6. Does Persson have mirrors in his house? WTF kind of wardrobe does he own.

  7. Yo Eric ! Use some of that money you have and buy some class ya jaggoff

  8. Peerson’s tactics of tilting the table is not working anymore, might have worked for low stakes and when people first encounter him but most are just switching off to his table smack now and we are seeing his REAL abilities.

    1. garrett called 60K river bet yesterday with AQ high because of his table talk… lost to eric

  9. Never been a helmuth fan but that other guy shows money can’t buy class

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