Eric Persson Tries Massive Bluff vs Jean-Robert Bellande in $435,400 Pot on High Stakes Poker

and Jean-Robert Belland clash in an enormous pot on Season 10 of ! Will Persson's massive bluff exercise or can JRB figure him out?

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Tries Massive Bluff vs Jean-Robert Bellande in $435,400 Pot on High Stakes Poker

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    1. JRB is in that game with scared money. It was only a matter of time before someone like Robl or Persson started to take bing swings at him.

    2. @@bust3dstr8 Who isn’t a little scared money at these stakes? This is at least 2-3% of their net worths on the tables. Plus this wasn’t the easiest call to make.

  1. I love how they pixelated the middle fingers. They saved us all from being very upset

    1. I knew what they were pixelating though, and putting that image in my mind has triggered me. You tube will be hearing from my lawyers.

    2. I would be in shock and absolutely distraught if I saw two human vertical fingers, they can ruin lives.


  3. Was pretty obvious how pearson went DEAD silent right after JRB said he was going to fold haha. he didn’t want to take anymore chances.

    1. What about in “non live” cash games?? He’s not entertaining in those?? 🤔

    2. What about when he goes the toilet ? You saying he’s not entertaining there ?

  4. ngl a lot in the past I’ve found jrb annoying, but this monologue while deliberating was actually amazing. Spoken like a dude with a great sense of humor who’s ok poking fun at himself. He also reasoned out persson’s hand almost exactly. Even though he folded the winner this made me like jrb a lot more.

    1. @@wesgrubbs8437 no, atypical JRB. He displayed characteristics I don’t often see from his clips of the past in a humble and clever way. He also deduced correctly the kind of hand persson would turn into a bluff here, which is not par for the course with him. So I enjoyed this variation of him. It’s also weird to call someone weird for expressing an isolated opinion.

  5. LOL so fun to find myself rooting for Bellande in a hand for once!


    1. JRB seems like a nice dude and he drinks when he plays making him more interesting like that.

      What do you have against him?

    2. I know me as well.
      Grow some marbles like Asian kid off The Goonies.
      But instead here is the video lol😂

    3. @@FinRay420 What does the goonies have to do with this?

    1. NICE FISH LOGIC LOL seeing his hand when he bluffs “seemed very bluffy” with your hindsight.

  6. Please share more often of these high stakes videos.. great content ❤️

  7. That was great: funny and entertaining! Love to hear players thoughts out loud…

  8. Man.. I just wanted to see one clip of JRB wining a massive pot 😂 Oh well, the wait continues. 😁

    1. You can see him win a 863 K pot or something like that in Hustler. Obv not his money

  9. John Robert is hands-down, one of the best poker players to watch. Entertaining when or lose every time. 🙌🏼

  10. If you watch the whole episode, after losing this hand you see JRB go through the first three stages of grief. He gets to bargaining at the very end. It’s interesting to watch someone go through it in real time.

  11. This is the most entertaining JRB has ever been. The others can’t help laughing even with the huge pot happening…

  12. Loved the camera angle that showed High Stakes in the foreground while JRB processed the hand

  13. 😅👌💪 that was the best commentary on this show thus far … and by JRB – everything he verbalized was spot on … except the unforeseen 3rd video where he folds and waits for break time to change his Depends 😂 👶 🤑 💸

  14. I love JRB so glad that he’s still around after all these years if he’d only listen to his instincts he would be a 🐐 fr look at all these videos he talks out every hand and is right almost all the time but folds!

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