Eric Persson Plays Bizarre Pot! Winner Thinks He Loses, Loser Thinks He Wins! [CRAZY POKER HAND]

and play a huge pot where the winner believes he loses and the loser thinks he wins!? This is unusual!

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Plays Bizarre Pot! Winner Thinks He Loses, Loser Thinks He Wins! [CRAZY POKER HAND]

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  1. Reminds me of when I was 14 playing poker for 1 cent chips in the backyard with my friends

  2. “He feels like he’s the strongest player at the table.” You can’t be serious.

    1. Literally the funniest commentary on any poker show in a long time! LOL

    2. Doesn’t mean that he is. Only that he thinks he is. Which is true. Persson has the ego of Hellmuth with less poker savvy.

    3. Look up the definition of the Dunning-Kruger Effect and you’ll find a picture of Eric ‘Big Donk’ Persson

  3. I’ve had a dealer misread the board before and push a pot to the player with the losing hand. It took forever for security to review the video. Stay sober and alert while pokering.

  4. The ending is pure gold 😂 also, might not wanna tell what you have in the middle of the hand 🤫

    1. Wtffff editor should be fired for this. No im kidding but why did u cut short

  5. ngl, i saw people saying Persson was a fish in the comments of videos, but this walk away as if he lost when he rivered the full house just confirmed it xD (p.s. i dont watch live poker often)

  6. The commentator didn’t say Eric Persson was the strongest player. He said Eric Persson thinks he is the strongest person.
    Very correct assessment.

    1. Wouldnt matter they wouldnt invite anybody who has any grasp of the game…

  7. Eric Persson thought he lost so bad, he immediately went looking for the nearest ATM.

  8. Thanks for endin the vid before we could see how they reacted. Way to go poker go, u blo

  9. Believe it or not, but I was the audio technician during this hand. Eric not only walked out, but he jumped on his harley and rode off. We’re still trying to get hold of him. Crazy.

    1. Nobody would everrrrrr hire a guy named Nigel in America, just so you know.

  10. “I have so many outs.” Yeah, but you also have more outs to lose.

    Poker is brutal man.

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