Eric Persson Loves High Stakes Cash Game Action on No Gamble, No Future

PokerGO's newest high-stakes game program is here! No Gamble, No Future brings the wildest players together in the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas for a very juicy $200/$ 400 Texas Hold 'em Cash Game! Take a look at a couple of clips as gets in the mix!

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Loves High Stakes Cash Game Action on No Gamble, No Future

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    1. Tf you laughing at? Video was posted literally 1 minute ago so I’ll ask again… wtf you laughing at

    1. Ya by that tool Faizal. Ironically, they are both huge tools. Maybe that’s not ironic. Who knows. who cares. Persons wife looks like Mr Magoo不

  1. I like this Persson guy but please get rid of the tank-top , thats the reason why hellmuth started to talk like a farmer to him.

  2. Persson is the guy you have to tolerate because he is such a fish. Hes not bright enough to realize it yet which is kinda sad. While they have him convinced hes one of the gang , he isnt.

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