Eric Persson Flops Quads on High Stakes Poker!

Season 10 is here and is back in action! Does he slip up here in this hand where he flops quads !?

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Flops Quads on High Stakes Poker!

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  1. The only thing surprising about this hand is that Tilly didn’t chase a nn flush to the river on a paired board, drawing dead.

    1. And try to shimmy her top down a little as if that might help her. She’s a dunce. Total idiot in the game.

  2. Turn check is a must, let her flush get there! Hope for a 4 liner or a big card!

    1. He doesn’t know she’s on a draw. But, yes, he should have let them both catch up a little before blowing up the pot.

    2. @@anthonykent00 what is flop calling range? a 7? an overpair? a flush or straight draw? Only the overpair could dream of calling the 60k turn, and even most overpairs probably have to fold.

    3. @Jason Moore 
      1. We agree that the turn bet is bad, I’m not sure you read it that way.
      2. There’s TONS of stuff that might call the flop reraise. The turn bet probably only gets a call from overpairs, two pair, 77, some big combo draws, and maybe A7.
      3. I think he should still bet the turn, but much smaller. He should give the right odds to draw because he KNOWS they’re probably drawing dead. Then fire away on the river and hope they connected.
      I might be bad at poker, but even I can put on the brakes with flopped quads. 😂

    4. @@anthonykent00agreed. The turn bet should have been something small like 15-20k. Give the right odds to every draw to call and set up the pot size river jam.

    5. @@jdmpanthers45 Couldn’t have said it better. On that board, there’s TONS of straight and flush draws. Eric should have put a lot of draws in her range but I don’t think he did this time. Checking lets Tilly catch up but still fall short or even bluff on the river if she doesn’t get there.

  3. How to not get paid with quads with 2 players betting into you. 🤦‍♂️

    1. Wish I had a dollar for everytime I watched player slow play & fall into their own trap. However when u flop quads

    2. @@davidpaul6615 I love charging opponents to draw when I have say, a set on a wet board.

      This though? just dumb. Eric’s making it impossible to let others bluff when he’s leading out here. And there really isn’t a lot that can call Eric when he raises either. Nobody was really representing big pocket pairs pre flop.

  4. The real shocker is JRB not getting cooler’d then talking for 20min about how bad he runs.

    1. I did that once. Had 2-2. And 2-2 flopped. A dude asked me what I had and I said a low pair. He went all in and I said, “yeah, the lowest pair you can have” to which he rolled his eyes. LOL.

  5. Doesn’t re-raise preflop, overbets the turn, Tilly has a great pair. Poker is an interesting game.

    1. People are stupid. Rich people have too much money. Also, Tilly does NOT have a nice pair. Wtf is wrong with simps these days. Those things are absolutely disgusting.

  6. 15-20k bet on the turn is ideal vs tilly as she knows persson is a loose bully one but if for other players a check on the turn is the best for them to induce a bluff on the river or bet when they made their draw.

  7. Lol Persson basically announcing to the table he has a pair of 55-88 pre flop.

    1. he literally always talks. that had nothing to do cuz they all know he could say either real or fake

    2. @@smash2zero lol he def gave away what he had with his pf action+speech, then tried to cover it up. This wasn’t like a “get in ur head table talk” it was an overly casual, sloppiness

  8. Eric is the kind of guy that poker needs: Can win a lot of money playing poker but can lose much more and STILL continues to play to get famous

    1. This guy is nonsense and a trash talk. He should be driving lorries.

    1. Um… Did you not just see Persson lose 2mil to Antonius in ONE HAND? Talk about cash machine.

  9. You want as many of the other players in the hand to bet into you. Not scare them off. Eric is a wild cannon. Wins big. Loses big.

    1. Wins average. Loses big. You have the absolute nuts and there’s not even a flush possible on the board. Go small or check. Let Tilly get there. I’m a total rec player and I could coach Eric.

  10. I love the Family Guy episode where Tilly’s character says she has to work more to cover her gambling loses. Pretty funny and unexpected.

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