Eric Persson Fires Massive Bluff!

Eric Persson fired an enormous bluff versus Jean-Robert Bellande on High Stakes Poker!

Eric Persson Fires Massive Bluff!

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  1. Visual metaphors and analogies that elevate the understanding of complex concepts.🍒

  2. Educational and entertaining, a rare combination executed perfectly.😻

  3. What kind of player throws away at Ace King on a board like that

    1. @@aaronsnyder1369 The value of Ace King especially because there was a big raise profile you have to assume that you’re not going to get called by a weak Ace

  4. JRB should have Checked the river. He “only” has a pair. Person is super aggressive and super rich so he can make a move like that.
    Play the player.

  5. River hits front door straight draws and back door flush draws, got checked in the dark and he doesn’t check back? I don’t get the play here. Especially against Persson who plays wild and unpredictable

  6. If someone knows how Perssons plays and his rebuy ability thats not impressive at all

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