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  1. Unfortunately for Persson, he lacks the skill to back up his trash-talking.

    1. But Eric is no dummy, he’s a businessman in the gambling industry, losing $2m a year on High Stakes Poker and getting exposure is absolutely worth it to him. He gets to be semi famous

    2. Still great for the sport and I enjoy watching him. I will always click on a Persson stream

    3. @@darylmixan8170also gets to claim losses on taxes because the world revolves around sucking rich peoples dicks

    1. Hi great comment., hallelujah. I would like to play against persson. Persson ,loves losing $500,000.00 hands.

    2. @@go5582 me to hahaha 😆 donations!!! He can afford it

    1. Say what like about him 1 he’s so entertaining to watch. And being honest this is the most donkey move I seen him do. Apart from this hand… owned phil helluth in the heads up. An I seen him win about 10 pots over 500k…. doesn’t do this kinda move often.

    1. “I’m going home, imma lose $700k”
      Maybe he probably shouldn’t push all-in with second pair haha

  2. The second time he made a bad decision with Q9 if you remember the hand with Antonius from ngnf

  3. I want to play against persson , i need several hundred thousand dollars for Christmas. 🎉

  4. Persson robs the poor in his casinos and then getting robbed by gamblers … the circle of epic failure

    1. They say he owns multiple casinos , Maverick Gaming is his company he is always wearing Maverick clothing. Him getting stacked is priceless

    1. So true
      He’s going to lose all he’s wealth through gambling
      People will say bullshit he’s a multi millionaire
      But I’ve seen it so many times with other gamblers
      Lose a thousand here a thousand there
      Then in long run it Adds up to 100s of thousands
      Now imagine doing the same with millions
      Don’t have to be an mathematician to work that out

  5. I’ve always said he’s a fish and nowhere near on a pro level and this hand just proves my point even more 😂😂

  6. I wish I was at that table. Usually that’s a set or 2 pair hand every time when I have AK not 2nd pair lol

  7. Every time I see Perrson plays a game, he might does well at the beginning, but will eventually go crazy at some point of the game and blast all his chips😢. Unbelievable.

  8. Dont know how much he shoved for but either way its a ridiculous play especially with the Qh

  9. That snap call was from all of us. There’s not a soul on this planet that believed he had anything

    1. He had 2nd pair? It was literally the next worse hand after the winning hand.

      Whilst it was a narrowly contested hand; there was absolutely no reason to shove here, less so because of Robl’s bet increments. It was obvious Robl had top pair or better. I can understand Persson calling for the turn, might have hit two pair or trips.

      But the 100k plus raise should have been the plug puller on this hand. A top player would have known this hand was a dead end & that Robl is intuitive enough to call a shove.

      The difference between a professional and a lucky top amateur player.

      Plus you need to know your opponent’s game; this might have worked against someone like Dwan who is widely considered the best bluffer in poker. But Robl virtually never bluffs.

      The speed which Robl calls the jam is testament to it.

  10. This is a prime example of people who have money are not always that smart

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