Epic World Series of Poker Hand: Aces vs Four-Three Off Suit! [Scott Seiver vs Sergio Aido]

and clash in a big pot at the last table of Occasion # 3 $2,500 No Limit Hold 'em and $320,059 on the line! Relive the entire last table on right now.

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Epic Hand: Aces vs Four-Three Off Suit! [ vs ]

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  1. Haha Tuchman so silly. If he just would of moved all in pre none this would of happened 🤣

    1. Wish Tuchman wasn’t talking when Seiver started engaging in table talk

    1. Lol not really he played it terrible
      He tanked out of stubborness
      He got caught slow playing

    2. @Sylhet 101 he didn’t play it horrible at all. You could have play it either way there. The safe way is to shove turn. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to let your opponent hang himself on river. The very odd chance his opponent gets there on the river but that’s poker unfortunately

    3. @Sylhet 101 weather he played it terrible or not, not many players would be able to fold in that spot especially after putting so many chips in.

  2. Did Seiver actually check or just didn’t say anything cus he was happy opponent bet? I might have missed the check but I didn’t see it..

    1. seiver is first to act he would have to check for aido to bet. They didnt capture the check on camera.

  3. If I ever have sievers hairline I’m going full bald head or always wearing a hat

  4. Great lay down.. I think even though it’s correct 80% of players wouldn’t be able to here

    1. u r NEVER getting check raised for a bluff on the river. NEVER. Not when player bets 1.4k, and only has 800 behind.
      Its like someone going beting $5 and the other player check raises to 8… Ur never bluffing, especially with pot size and odds.

      The only tought part is would Seiver put him all in with any sets? That would probably be the hardest reason to fold… Plus ur on TV

  5. What on earth was he thinking about? Guy out here wasting everyone’s time 😂😤

  6. Daniel Negreanu would’ve checked prior to win a little instead of that extra bet. 😎

  7. I’m one of the most critical people when it comes to tanking but in this situation it’s totally fine to tank

  8. Tough getting caught on the end there like that with such a great hand to begin with and end with in the hand.Obviously a perfect play by Seiver but a spectacular lay down from the Spaniard as well.

  9. The beauty of not watching this live. You can fast forward to when they actually make a decision 😀

  10. I really just watched someone tank for 8 minutes. shoulda skipped forward lol

  11. Aido’s body language said a lot after he turned that ace. You could tell his heart was pounding and his breathing was off.. I wonder if Siever picked up on that and checked

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