EPIC RUN at $10,000,000 High Stakes FINAL TABLE!

IMPRESSIVE RUN at $10,000,000 High Stakes Last TABLE!
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1st – $1,162,805.
Second – $970,000.
3rd – $1,097,195.
4th – $650,000.
5th – $500,000.
Sixth – $350,000.
7th – $250,000.
8th – $180,000.
9th – $140,000.

In this video, we discuss the $10,300 Main Event from the MILLIONS World Bahamas trip. Featuring pros such as Philipp Gruissem, Adrian Mateos, Aaron Van Blarcum and more! Which hand was your favorite?

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EPIC RUN at $10,000,000 High Stakes FINAL TABLE!

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  1. I don’t know what currency this in chips. and 2nd got more than 3rd. seems like the twilight zone sh t.

  2. what happened to just watching the game, why do we have someone talking all the time.

  3. you must be from England you skip a few words of the English Language, why don’t you have some shut up time we don’t need some one talking all the time.

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