Epic Royal Flush Victory!

Joey Weissman hit a royal flush against Michael Wang's full house at the 2022 BetMGM Champion!

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Epic Royal Flush Victory!

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    1. “Wtf is this, jokerstars having a baby with ultimate bet?!?” -the whole table 😂

    1. There’s a famous WSOP poker hand about that: 4 aces on the river vs a royal flush WITH the same ace 😮

    2. ​@@kusuosaiki45562008 wsop main event. It was very early in the tourney. Just type 2008 main event quads to royal

  1. I would sooner believe that this was a fixed deck then it actually happening.

    1. I once sat at a table that had two full houses, a flush and quads. And this was a 1/2 table, I had one of the losing full houses

  2. The kind of hand you see in a movie and say, “Oh please. So unrealistic 🙄”

    1. Kinda hand i see and go “ah lucky im used to this or id be upset now”

  3. I saw straight flush over full house at the poker room once. Sickest had I’ve witnessed.

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