€60,000 POT And I Have QUADS! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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€60,000 POT And I Have QUADS! |

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  1. Amazing session Ethan! Keep sun running, bro! $7500 in rake, that wine and sushi better be damn good! Hahaha

  2. Can’t believe the rake! Congrats on the cash win! Now go get them in a tourney! Good luck!

  3. That rake is mafia😂, I hope that was a gold sushi and 300€ bottle of wine

  4. Nice going! I played there about 2 weeks ago. Played 3 sessions of 1/3 and cashed out enough to pay for my airfare and airbnb plus some!

  5. Ethan moves his hand at times like it’s prosthetic! 😂😂😂 Good run Rampage.

  6. Rampage did well in Spain because all the good Spanish pro’s were in Vegas playing against Brad Owen.

  7. Ethan is living the life that I wanted but failed spectacularly. 😀 Nice run sir!

    1. There are so many hands in my history that should have gone my way but didn’t. There are a few that would have changed my life.

    2. It’s an old saying but that’s poker …… in fact that’s gambling in general. I only play recreational poker but I made big money on sports bets. I was lucky enough to get out while ahead. That’s usually not the case though.

    3. Congratulations on the 50,000 Euro profit! That wine/sushi combo was paid for by the rake so it “wasn’t free” but it was “all you can stomach with a huge bill for it.” Great you did good this time, you wonder if Pokerstars is looking to get you in their next Euro tournament. (They already have Alexandra Botez and Maria Ho for their current one.)

  8. Brad Owen uploaded his Vlog the same day where he travels to a different casino to avoid the Euros. Rampage travels to Europe to play poker. Lol 😂

  9. Barcelona is apparently the Hustler Casino of european action ! Dam those pots got big fast ! I thought it was a tournament video at first lol : ) Glad you won Rampage !

  10. My man just earned my annual salary in 30 seconds of playing a card game

    1. You have some dude scamming pretending to be you in the replies on comments

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