Drink Nutcase Poker Night with Ninja, Phil Hellmuth & Steve Aoki | $50/$100 No Limit Hold’em

Join us this evening for an epic cash game including Ninja, Phil Hellmuth, Steve Aoki, Nate Hill, Jeff Gross, Joelle Weinand, and Daniel Weinand to commemorate the launch of Nutcase Milk, launching on May 1st.

Learn more on DrinkNutcase.com.

Nutcase is taking nut milk mainstream. Nutcase is made with cashews, providing a knockout combination of B vitamins and magnesium to improve your energy and state of mind. It's naturally sweetened, there's no garbage, and the high potassium helps keep you hydrated.

Jo Weinand founded the company with a heavy element of nostalgia, having matured drinking chocolate milk. Desiring a much healthier choice with a similar taste, she developed Nutcase. Phil Hellmuth satisfied Weinand through poker and became a financier, and then Hellmuth brought Ninja to the table. As soon as Ninja tried it, he wished to be included, and he became a co-founder.

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Drink Nutcase Poker Night with Ninja, Phil Hellmuth & Steve Aoki | $50/$100 No Limit Hold'em

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  1. Also Joey may join in though I suggest for the fair and proportioned giving that he take the bullocks which are handsome indeed and well flushed with a purplish hue.

  2. Phil helmuth really sounds like he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel for any sponsorship

  3. The amont of Aderol users on this table is amazing ! Keep it real peoples !

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