Doyle Brunson Wins 10th & Final World Series of Poker Gold Bracelet

Poker legend passed away at the age of 89 on May 14 2023. This clip shows Brunson's 10th and final World Series of Poker gold bracelet win back in June 2005.

Wins 10th & Final World Series of Poker Gold Bracelet

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    1. Extremely missed =/ but us fans have kinda been missing him for awhile already so it’s a far easier blow than his family took.
      I feel extra bad for them =/
      Just imagine the person in your family who’s a lot like him passing away, and you’ll realize what I mean

    2. @@jonslg240 Idk man I feel it’s pretty controversial to say that the fans had an easier blow than Doyle’s family.

    3. I start in the world of poker and it hurts me to know that this great player is no longer with us. May he rest in peace.

    4. Well id like to say … i am very saddened to learn about his passing 🙏🏾🕊️i just didn’t know. My condolences to his family 🙏🏾🕊️

    5. ​@Tredsquire how? He’s saying that it hurts his family more than it hurts his family

  1. Beautiful. You can’t help but smile along with him when he flashes that big Texas smile with that cowboy hat. Rest in peace Doyle.

  2. I love watching Doyle play. He folds more hands than he plays, so you always think he’s got something when he’s really bluffing.

  3. 10 Bracelets, 2 Main Event Titles

    The Ultimate “10-2” for the Godfather. Rest peacefully, Sir

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