Doyle Brunson Plays First WSOP Main Event Since 2013!

Here are the greatest hands from on Day 1a of the 2021 . Brunson bagged 151,000 chips and will return to the coverage on Day 2.

See the entire 2021 Main Event solely on . Daily coverage runs through November 17.

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Plays First Since 2013!

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  1. Only for Doyle Brunson can high stakes poker be the fountain of youth 😅

    1. Todds’ son John is Doyles’ first and only grandkid, John is about 3 years old now so perhaps that’s been a lease of life on him. Notice Todd hasn’t played any WSOP events, that’s cos he is making the most out of being with his boy and showing him the Brunson family rules, he can afford not to have to play so why not enjoy your money with your kid, you cant take it with you and there’s no doubt enough in the biscuit tin under the bed to be able to relax and sit a spell. I know I would if I was him. Either that or The Mouth has spiked Dollys’ coffee with some high quality sugar. 🙂

  2. What a moment for the guy. You know it has to mean a lot to be back, especially after the past year. Good for him.

  3. Oh wow, this is from the Main Event? That’s amazing! Great to see Doyle playing the Main. I knew he had entered the Super Seniors tournament but didn’t know he’d entered this event.

    1. That fold of trip aces proves he’s still an amazing reader. Stop bullshitting saying Doyle is a relic of the old times.

    2. @Maaden_Swe True enough Doyle still has the weakness of folding too often and being bluffed. He never really adapted his game to the present times.

  4. That AK fold was next level poker. I know a lot of good players would have called. But Doyle, being as sharp as ever, knew something was off.

    1. He was reading the player . The way he toyed with folding then pretending to be in doubt while watching his opponent was the master at play .

    2. @Andrea D Arienzo call? I would’ve moved all in pre flop lol 😂 im a donk

    3. @Seth Schieler it was only 18 k more. It’s not even 1/3rd of the pot. Which makes it more impressive

    4. yeah, regardless if the opponent had an Ace or not, a river raise on that board has to indicate a hand better than trip Aces, lots of two pair combination would make a full house. So incredible he read through all that

    5. @Miqdadali Bandali The other player had a full house (10,10,10, A, A) which beat Doyle’s trip Aces.

  5. When I last watched Doyle in the main I guess in 2013, honestly he kind of looked a little slow, a little tired. He still played solid and cashed, but idk. Just the vibe he put off was that as you’d expect, an 80 year old that was tired. It was kind of sad to see him in that light. Being “The Godfather” of poker and just to see him kind of declining a little. But wow, I don’t know if it was the time off, maybe he’s been resting a lot, maybe just feeling better all around, man did he look sharp last night!!! Paying attention to everything at the table, played extremely well, didn’t miss a beat. It was soothing to see him in form again. Absolute legend!!!

    1. Watching Doyle age was like watching a grandparent or parent age. Always loved him. And remember him from being sharp when I first started playing and following. Just glad he’s still around.

    2. Spot on respect to the goat he’s a living legend. He don’t need to win to get respect from table and he don’t need money so just to see him go deep will be s blessing gl Doyle we rooting for ya

    3. @Benton JA Literally playing 4/8k mixed game in bobby’s room with the rest of the OG’s

  6. One of the legend’s, so happy to see him back. Please come back a couple more years Doyle maybe I get a chance to play with you!

  7. This man is a god damn legend and the reason I got into poker. Mad respect.

    1. Instead of promoting poker and maybe putting a few ads in you guys have to put it behind a paywall. Like your owner NEEDS the money. If Doyle had bought the rights to all the WSOP vids, do you think they’d be behind a paywall??? Shame on you.

    2. Doyle Brunson is my favorite player of all time. I just order his book, first edition, signed and touched by Doyle.

  8. The only GTO Doyle knows about was made by Pontiac. So happy to see him back, and hopefully will take the GTO kids to school.

    1. He’s been getting outplayed for decades at this point I don’t think he’ll beat any top GTO players

  9. Look at those old arthritic hands. The amount of chips they’ve stacked over the years must be an astonishing number. They tell a tale all on their own. Go get’em, Dolly.

    1. @Rhett Sheibley i hope your at my table some day or you blind, yup Doyle folded AK which was a set of aces

    2. @ray dalton a set is only if you have a pocket pair, otherwise it’s trips. I hate to be that guy but it’s so cringey saying you hope someone’s at your table when you don’t even know the most basic of poker terminology. I’m sure most of us hope it’s you we see at our tables someday.

    3. @ChicagoTRS 10s of millions covers 10 million to 199 million. So you’re claiming 200 million plus? I mean, it’s certainly a possibility. I doubt anyone but him knows the true answer.

  10. Hope he makes a deep run! It reminds me of when he was on the televised high stakes cash games watching him handle his chips

  11. Doyle can play for all the money in the world, and win it all. He wouldn’t care. He would probably trade it all for just a little bit more “time”. Respect to the legend, still in the game after all these years

  12. I’m in the beginning when Doyle makes the flush. 3rd time watching and laughing. Dude snapped Doyle and turned over his cards so quick like he did something with that straight. You better recognize s0n. Lol. Good luck Doyle!!!!

  13. That fold is legendary… 88 years old and playing amazing poker. What an absolute legend.

  14. There are great poker players, then there are poker legends, beyond that is Doyle Brunson. The guy is is one of a kind. Huge respect.

  15. this is the best thing ever. Have watched him for so long, and it never gets old. what a legend.

  16. Everytime I think of poker I think of poker after dark Doyle would always be on there schooling the guys. Doyle is literally a living legend

  17. It’s amazing how sharp Doyle is even in his late years. I can only hope to be half as sharp as I am now when I get old.

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