Doug Polk TROLLED MY WIFE?! – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 13

It's Day 13 and time for my bread and butter with the $10,000 Limitation Hold 'em Champion event. But initially we invest the morning with Amanda talking about Balenciaga, Kim Kardashian, and if she got trolled by .

0:00 Intro
1:36 Flip & Go's.
4:36 Plant Based Diet Plan.
8:15 Amanda Time.
12:38 More Tanner is Much better?
14:21 Drive In.
17:06 Chainsaw Corner.
18:43 1st Break.
21:10 Phil .
22:30 Patty!!!
23:50 Yuval Crushing.
24:40 End of Day.

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TROLLED MY WIFE?! – 2022 Poker Vlog Day 13

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  1. Good luck this week Daniel! It’s bracelet time! Being $250k in the hole after 13 days would make me pissed off a bit and totally broke for sure lol!

  2. Good stuff in the beginning, lot’s of general interest for a bigger audience. Nice.

  3. Negs really has been working out! Look at those bis and tris. Nice work, brother! I gotta get back in the groove.

  4. These are the best poker vlogs hands down look forward. To them everyday and every year

  5. Love seeing the dogs. We pick our new dog up on 23rd. Dog in pic passed 3 months ago(Phoebe). She was a beauty.

    1. I got the first dog I’ve ever had 3 years ago and I fucking love him. He a proper legend, my kids love him. Best thing I ever bought is that dog. RIP Phoebe, she looks like she was lovely. Good luck with the new one.

    2. @Ed Forbes Thanks Ed, she was our first dog and like you and your dog having her was an absolute blessing. We were gonna try and wait a while before getting another one but just couldn’t.

  6. oh wow CONGRATS PATTY! can’t wait to see the all-new Patty Corner for the Main Event, which HAS to be a thing now.

  7. When you hear dnegs say, “I’m not gonna talk about being a vegan cause know it annoys some people,” you know we’re in for a several minute conversation about veganism. 🤣

    1. But that’s normal for every vegan. “I swear I didn’t plan on cramming it down your throat, I always carry this big funnel with the ‘vegan’ sticker on it”.

  8. Whenever I see Jerome / Kidpoker interact, I just smile. The chemistry between these two simply fascinating! Good luck Dan!

  9. Daniel promoting a Doug Polk product, imagine thinking something like this would’ve happened 3-4 years ago. Appreciate the great videos as always.

  10. Phil Ivey is looking better than ever, nice to see him having an healthy lifestyle

  11. Daniel might need to look for another personal assistant if Patty does well in the Main Event 😄

  12. Loved this so much. I spit out some water when I heard that smack and knew what you did. The morning part with Amanda is starting to become my favorite part of the vlog. Sucks you missed the flip n go. Was so great last year. Sucks you busted the 10K got some great vlog material at least!

  13. To agree with everyone, best poker vlog by far. I’d add, if Daniel can bring a bracelet home this year, that particular string of vlogs would be, by far, some of the best entertainment!

  14. Dan, I gotta say man that the reason I think you’re struggling earlier on in the series is because you’re not putting enough value into playing the tournaments when they start versus continously late regging and just gambling a short stack, you’re not valuing the edge you have in deeper stack format versus the field you’ll play against outside of the high roller events, you’re sacrificing your skill in deeper stack because you don’t want to sit there for the extra 3-4 hours of late reg.

    I believe if you actually register on time you will be able to have more time to build a bigger stack against the field and then your edge comes into play, late regging and starting with 20bbs or whatever is not +ev, that’s the gamblers mentality where you’re forced to try and double up in a short period of time with marginals hands, the luck factor comes into play more than it should.

    I play all the high stakes buyins on ACR and my ROI has been increasingly better when I don’t late reg, I believe you’re doing a disservice to the people who are buying a piece of you when you constantly late reg every tournament, this is just one poker minds opinion to another legends, take it with a grain of salt but deep down if you look at the history of your play and results, you will know I am right.

    – Rob

    1. Yeah I really don’t understand why he does that…. you have the opportunity to really build a stack if you’re there in time. You could cooler 2 or 3 people in the 4 hours you’re missing and quadruple you’re stack. Literally.

  15. Hope to see some “Patty” video on her journey through the main event. (Would be dynamite if she makes the money)

  16. Haha Phil’s looking good. He looks happy. Always good to see the best poker player ever back at it.

  17. The reason DNegs vlogs are the best, is because he gives us an inside look at his everyday life along with hand breakdowns. I love the fact its not just hand breakdowns all the time.

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