Doug Polk Bluffs Daniel Negreanu in $200,000 Heads-Up Match!

Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu squared off on High Stakes Duel with $200,000 on the line and then this hand occurred!

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Doug Polk Bluffs Daniel Negreanu in $200,000 Heads-Up Match!

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    1. For accuracy yes, but people have been complaining about spoilers in the title so thats probably why they worded it that way

    2. This is 1000 times better since you don’t get spoiled by the title if you like to get spoiled what you are about to watch that’s your problem

    3. So, you say dog didnt bluff? 🤣 I think 9 high is too light as a value bet here but I might be wrong 😂😂😂

    1. It’s actually a reverse spoiler

      Generally “x bluffs y” means x successfully bluffed

  1. Thats why i tell people, if you’re gonna call someone’s bluff, then you better do it fast before you change your mind. Thinking about it too long will change your initial intuition.

    1. I agree, also with the fact that Daniel underrepped his hand. When u underrepped your hand in poker its a must call

    2. You’re absolutely right. You should never take a moment to think when playing poker 😂

    3. @@Itz_JoshDM Yeah well Daniel didn’t take too long there and made the correct decision didn’t he? (Two laughing emojis)

    1. You can even see after he mentions the club he reads naw you dont got a club and calls

    1. “always” meanwhile he gets payed when he shouldn’t and he knows who’s not that dumb and needs to be bluffed to at least breakeven theoretically on his value bets

  2. It’s cool seeing Daniel still playing. In early 2000’s I watched High Stakes Poker often, really enjoyed watching the game. It was my first exposure to high rollers. I had just learned how to play when I joined a neighborhood weekly game. So I watched HSP to learn. I was in awe of their game. However I wondered if it was just made for tv. Glad to see it wasn’t the case. Daniel is an amazing poker player. So smart.

    Thanks for all the videos. I love watching poker online, such amazing entertainment. The drama, the excitement, the unknown, the bravado…. It’s a rush 🎉

    1. I think Daniel, and maybe Eric Seidel and Phil Ivey or the only guys from the poker boom to keep it going. And Daniel having the best record and being the most accomplished of the three in this new era. He really did put in the work to get from the old school to new school

    2. Right gus Hanson, Chris moneymaker, Doyal obviously with his passing. There was a few I used to look upto the ended up being shaddy with the poker site stuff. But very much true they have all left the spot light at least. Also don’t forget Helmuth and Scott nygn

      I always loved Tony G even though I’d prolly punch him if I had to deal with him myself.

  3. Wtf Bluff again the legend Daniel matha fackin negreanu 😮 are you crazy bro

    1. @@mscolli3 thanks English is not my native language so I didn’t know the meaning

    2. play him heads up and call him when he does it, I’m sure you’ll totally dominate him

  4. Daniel is one of the greats, still evolving as a player. He has improved so much over the years. Fantastic match.

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