Do You Take This Chance at the WSOP Main Event Final Table with $12,100,00 on the Line?

was one of the top specialists to make the Main Event last table in 2023 with $12,100,00 awaiting the winner. If you're a top pro would you take this threat at the final table?

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Do You Take This Chance at the Final Table with $12,100,00 on the Line?

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  1. Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’ —- Nothing out of line with that stack size.

  2. I much prefer the shove with kj than I do the call with 10’s given the state of play at the table, the way the action went and the chip counts of each player at the table

    1. @@edeto16because the big bling never wakes up with a hand I totally disagree

    2. @@richfollen7818 ofc he can wake up with a hand sometimes but against his whole range 10s are ahead.

    3. Folding tens with Jones stack size is just criminal. Is way too much + EV. Sure he will have better hands but he will also shove worst pairs and a bunch of unpaired hands.

  3. I thought it was a great move by Toby that made Jones put a decent % of his stack in hoping he wasn’t dominated. He made the right call. But again it was still a coinflip that easily could have went the other way and gave one of the better players at the table a big stack to play with. He couldn’t just sit around with 35m so I like the aggressive play in that spot even more.

    1. @@MCftic2024 yeah ok. because you know better than Toby Lewis, the guy with nearly 10 million in live cashes 😂👍

    2. Easy shove. He obviously doesn’t have to have 1010 he just opened the pot in middle position for a minraise. Dead money most likely in the middle that quick call with 98s seemed somewhat weak/speculative. Great move unlucky.

    3. His squeeze puts Jones into a word spot.
      Me I might actually fold tens here.

  4. I was rooting for Toby. He has been in the game awhile and played well when it mattered

  5. Depends on the stack sizes at the table due to pay jumps. If there are say two other players at the table with less than you, then definitely not a jam, if your the shortest stack 100% jam, with the wide ranges in play around those positions

  6. Jones showing he wasnt on the same level as other pros, confused why Lewis shoved the KJ

    1. @@j-roc6989jones can easily have AK or KQ suited or QQ or JJ then, he is absolutely dominated. KJ is absolutely horrible

  7. At 0:17 we see Hutchison fold the K of hearts yet it’s still shown as an out after showdown.

    1. They don’t factor in discarded cards because the percentages would be what the players themselves would calculate not knowing the discard pile.

  8. Guy should have used his huge ears and listened to the poker gods screaming, “just complete and take a flop you British twit!”

    1. British twit that has done “ok” at poker for well over a decade.
      What are your best results, honestly? Mine is about £3000 from a £100 tourney. (Not at all boasting) I guess that beats you by between £2700 and £3000😅

  9. Given the stack sizes, both shove and call made perfect sense. KJ saw chance to increase stack by 30% if 1010 didn’t call. 1010 had enough chips to hope for a race.

  10. People have to remember that Walton is hardly ever protecting his flatting range with hands like AQ enough of the time for Lewis to even worry about. Walton’s flat is essentially dead money to a squeeze. I find it funny that Jones is amazed Lewis is squeezing here with this hand when Its more than fine. It says more about Jones’s inexperience with ranges than Toby’s.

  11. The comments on here about KJ being a bad squeeze make me all warm and fuzzy knowing that Poker is alive and well.

  12. “Insert Tony G’s rant against Ralph Perry here

    On your bike..he doesn’t deserve any applause…

    Ballsy move, just got faded.

  13. Man if he is tanking with 1010 this shove is absolutely printing money. It’s printing money anyway.

  14. Why nobody said that the dealer is Mike Nia’s older (or younger) brother?

  15. based off what Lewis’, Walton’s, and Jones’ chip stacks were ….. that shove is the right move.

    if he 3-bets to around 10M …. he’s getting called TWICE, and he’s invested ⅓ of his stack.

    if he 3-bets to around 15M …. he’s still getting called TWICE, and that’s ½ his stack.

    so he really only had two options …. shove or fold.

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