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  1. Terrible bluff sizing. That was a “call me” bet, but you opponent had more than enough bb to do.

  2. Sometimes when you have showdowns like this you can’t help but wonder, what goes through some of these people’s heads when playing 😂

    1. The secret is the check on the turn. Pot control while setting a potential trap on a missed draw.

  3. Yeah, blocking one card of a suit usually means they aren’t drawing to that suit. *rolls eyes*

    1. Yeah because 10h doesn’t also block some straights, best blocker in the deck

  4. Why does no one EVER give me chips on a golden platter like this but the GOAT…they just hand them over?!? 😅

    1. 2 reasons. First, you’re overplaying your hands and probably betting all 3 streets. In this situation, checking the turn gives opportunity for your opponent to bluff the river while also controlling the pot. Second, your sizings may be too high. Leading a hand with higher sizings will kill bluffing opportunities.

      Not saying what you’re doing is bad. Mix up your play depending on the situation. If you want to give a bluffing opponent a chance, try these 2 suggestions. Good luck.

  5. LOL DNegssss. You are fucking amazing. I’m your mini prodigy from Toronto

  6. Salutari de acasa, Dane! Chiar daca Eduard aici ne-a dezamagit, tu nu! Keep up the fight!

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