Did Dan Bilzerian Make $100 Million in Poker?!!!

I respond to the question about how much Dan Bilzerian has actually made at the tables.

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Did Dan Bilzerian Make $100 Million in Poker?!!!

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  1. *3:31:49** Can we just take a moment to appreciate how many hours and passion she put in these vids?*
    *It’s great, and I think they justify much more than that*

  2. Dan Bilzerian had won more money in poker than 99% of the Pros and nobody had ever heard of him? What other realm of life can you do better than 99% of world class professionals and nobody has ever heard of you in that professional or realm? It does not exist.

  3. I think in principle the claim is plausible. Considering that private games exist. Players of all skill levels participate and they play high stakes games where buy ins are hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s plausible. Like Daniel said, Belzarian doesn’t have to be a pro, he just has to be better than his opponents on average. A decent poker player knows how to pick on fish at the table, in fact a decent player avoids playing other big stacks and better players if they can help it. Again plausible. Not certain or factual.

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