Dealer Mucks All-In Hand?!

Dealership unintentionally mucks an all-in hand at the WSOP Centerpiece! How would you react?

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Dealer Mucks All-In Hand?!

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  1. 자신의 핸드는 자신이 보호해야되지만 멍청한 딜러는 해고되어야 된다.

  2. So they just stole 32k from her? The dealer screwed up! Take out and give back the other guys bet, give her bets back, then split the ante/whatever was in there before they went heads up between the two. Any other way and there is a chance the dealer can decide anything on the table. Oh, I like that guy so I’ll just screw up and muck some players cards near me after they make a big bet… ooops, guess the other guy wins.

    1. Standard ruling. Dealers are human and they are encouraged to move the game along quickly, mistakes will happen. Protect your hand and it won’t happen.

    2. No one stole anything from her…. You are not guaranteed to win a hand even with AA

    3. @@Kosmisch1986 True not guaranteed but the fact that they played on the hand when they should just squashed the entire hand(s) means they robbed her! But your a billionaire who care nothing for others so I love to tell you “SHE was robbed”

    4. @@Kosmisch1986 It stated that the 32k she matched/called on his first bet was forfeited, but she got back her all in bet on the next card… she should have gotten all of it back since the hand wasn’t completed and they also couldn’t verify her hand due to the dealer. She could have had a 2 and 3 or any hole cards, doesn’t matter. I just think it’s wrong that she looses the 32k previous bet. I think the hand is now dead due to dealer error, so give back all the bets to the two that were heads up. It’s only fair.

  3. She was all in? How can she protect her cards if all her chips were pushed in the middle of the table? That is the dealer’s fault and they should go through all the cards around the area he pushed the cards in.

    1. You put your hand on the cards-period. Even if you have chips, when sitting next to the human (humans make mistakes) dealer, protect your hand-always, even if you’re not all in.

    1. @@Crashy84she is all in!!!! There are no more chips to protect the cards with.

    2. ​@@Crashy84 the cards are near her. She’s all in.. no need for protection fkkace. Dealer is not paying attention as he should find another line or work instead of trying to blame the victim.

  4. Funny because the dealer has gotten on my case about “covering” my cards because players couldn’t tell I was in the hand which is bullshit because if you’re paying attention especially in a tournament you should know who’s in the hand. Now if you don’t cover your cards they’ll just muck them. Can’t win

  5. “Well did you protect your cards ?” 🤣😂. Dealers should have immediately been replaced and opponent should have done the right thing and whoever was in the hand was given their chips back.

    1. I think that in a tournament situation the director’s ruling has to stand and what the opponent wants can’t really be considered.

    2. F that. This is the main event. I’m not giving any chips away no matter what

    1. ​@@samtastisch86exactly and all her chips were in the pot… kind of ridiculous to say “prOtEct yOuR cArDs”

  6. For all you people that are saying she couldn’t protect her hand because she was all-in: you can provide your own card protector (and of course you have two hands that you can use as well).

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