David Peters Wins $1,4 Million in 2022 WSOP Bounty High Roller!

Enjoy how takes on Possibility Kornuth, , , and with $1.1 million and $25,000 bounties on the line! Peters gathered 11 bounties along the method and put on a clinic at this last table!

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Wins $1,4 Million in 2022 Bounty High Roller!

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  1. Have to say, yeah I appreciate the odds formula, the reads, the understanding and have been watching and playing a little for 20+ years, but the comments about legends and because of the amounts won, the amount of different winners now, is showing to me that there is the same amount of luck, but not the same amount of skill! I also appreciate that you can run well that goes with any game of cards, but the calling/bluffing with hands that you are gambling on luck is happening more and more, if your going in with $40,000,000 in the bank the mind set is chance, so I think the old greats that are still around, were great characters, the young ones that are here now, won’t be in 10 years even 5.
    The money is to high for the places, the Italian guy, $350,000 for third? It’s a lot of well so if I lose I’ve not lost.
    There’s an old saying you get more you want more, but there is a limit in a game of chance!
    DG UK

    1. The more you play, the less that chance matters
      Everyone gets the same distribution of cards, and run outs, and bad beats and suck outs eventually, but not everyone wins the same amount once you filter those out

  2. I am just a dumb bystander and hobby micro player… but… If I get 4 bet with 8s HU in a 100k from maybe the tightest player in the entire field… do I really need to stick it in there? Because what? Peters is bluffing with 2 overs and I want to flip so badly for rolls in that spot? Please someone explain to me how that happened…

    1. D-Petes isn’t incapable of making it 3.9 with hands that r crushed by 8s. Chance also has to adapt to how ppl perceive him so he has to make lighter jams. 8s for a normal pro is very strong heads up, let alone for chance who is as wild a player as you’ll find. That being said he probably calls in that spot more than he shoves, but shoving isn’t a mistake since he’s an implied dog against Peters out of position with any two cards.

    2. @Owen Ok, I get that. Rather high variance play, though? Agree? There’s gotta be better spots than that.

    3. @Top5et edges are fairly close in these if you pass on spots you’re at an inherent disadvantage and it’s gonna be very difficult to make that up later vs someone like dp with very few holes it’s safe to generally assume they made the right play and you need to go back to the drawing board

  3. “Ali cheated”
    Floor man: “Are you sure he cheated??”

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