Daniel Negreanu’s $25,000 WSOP Fantasy Draft

A custom considering that 2011, the World Series of celebrations start with a $25,000 entry-fee dream draft hosted by . Occurring inside the Studio in Las Vegas, using an auction format, teams prepare 8 players who will score points for them during the World Series of .

This Dream League works the like most NFL and NBA fantasy leagues you might be playing with your friends and family! This stream supplies a special behind the scene look into the world of poker high rollers and how they value their opposition!

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's $25,000 WSOP Fantasy Draft

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  1. Go DNegs! Tho hopefully it doesn’t to down between your squad and the squad that has you. Lol 😂

    1. Negreanu was about to say that he’s not going to play that much this year, then remembered he was mic’d up

  2. I haven’t a clue what is going on, only into the first 25 mins or so, can anyone elaborate for me please?

  3. Daniel – “let’s not be silly” also Daniel – *bids $5.00 for Phil Hellmuth*

  4. How is Kristen Bicknell not on that list but Mario Ho is? 😂🤣😂

  5. If Daniel gets heads up with Sammartino this WSOP and wins… I’m looking forward to him jokingly lamenting about his fantasy draft.

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