Daniel Negreanu vs Tom Dwan on High Stakes Poker | Where Did He Go Wrong?

and are long-time competitors on , and on this hand, Kid talks himself into some serious and expensive trouble!

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vs on High Stakes Poker | Where Did He Go Wrong?

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  1. Max bet Flop and Turn should help u win. I like both of u guys playing style..πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  2. Honestly, I just feel he was too scared of Dwan holding 5s or 2s here and a smart river bet indicating a bluff after 2 checks by Dwan.

  3. “OOOOOOOoooooooooooppppppssssssss”….. Danny is still the MAN..very best wishes Tommy

  4. Should have bet the flop and turn. He let him catch up. Daniel deserved to lose that one

  5. Negreanu had two chances to bet and win the hand, he waited until the river, when he let Dean catch his card to call, no way Dwan was folding and no way Negreanu should’ve called


    1. he played it perfectly minus the river call, which is still not that bad all things considered. you really think tens is a flop or turn bet here after the preflop action, on that board? what are you hoping calls you? plays much better as a check in this spot. stick to 1/2 my friend!

  7. Dwan looks like he could use some rest. At least it doesn’t seem to affect his play.

  8. Names all the hands that makes sense. Pays off anyway. Just like the old days.

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