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  1. Your videos are always so interesting and entertaining. Great job, keep delighting us with your talent!🐍🥿🙀

  2. Daniel, you are the best example of a professional You’ve been playing for so many years, and you’re still enjoying the game and constantly making an effort to evolve ❤
    It’s a shame I wasn’t lucky enough to see you in the later stages of The Golden Game But your phrase “I’ll go home and analyze everything” was the best moment of the show
    I wish you success at the tables and new victories

  3. Played the trips well although that ace was scary could have had pocket rockets

  4. “ seven deuce might be an all in scenario “- probably Daniel Negraneu

  5. Love the 7.4 bet! Isn’t a check fold opportunity a better hope than a ‘I don’t have faith in this hand bet’?

  6. I’ve heard it said somewhere before getting check raised on the turn is always the nuts

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