Daniel Negreanu, Patrik Antonius & Phil Ivey Hit Big Hands on High Stakes Poker!

Daniel Negreanu, , and all struck a huge hand on High Stakes , but who will win this enormous video game pot between legends?

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Daniel Negreanu, & Hit Big Hands on High Stakes Poker!

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  1. Like Gabe said, if they were recreational players the story would be quick. Insane sequence!

    1. If they were recreational players what are they doing going all in for $153k

    2. @Paul Quaife RIch people also like to gamle so why not

    3. @snatchios1 Yeah Gabe is funny,but he is far behind in poker knowledge))

  2. I wanna see Gabe play again. Helluva fold. Gabe’s right recs get stacks on the flop or turn in this hand.

  3. So Surreal watching Daniel, Phil, and Patrik Play On HSP In 2022. And With Gabe and AJ commentating makes it incredibly Nostalgic. Flashbacks to the Glory days of Poker.

    1. @Jamie Tracy Haha I could never forget Texas Dolly. I think I was so overwhelmed by seeing these 3 in a hand once again, I forgot to mention Doyle. But hey, we all know without Doyle and Durr, there’s no HSP. 😉

    2. Süleyman Eminbəyli I don’t think they look too bad. Besides, Doyle is living proof that these guys can be around for another 40 years!

    3. the golden days of poker, when it was played by real gamblers with personalities and not by soulless awkward nerds

  4. I would expect Phil fold his hand which he did and that was an amazing fold. But Daniel definitely shocked me folding his hand.

    1. @Adam Roberts Exactly as @Fritzzz137 said. Why would you not play QT this was when Ivy played KT the way he did?

    2. @Bankrobber Pluton You have to call, even if it’s a cooler. Patrik didn’t raise with 9 10, no way. So, the shove is a value shove, not a bluff shove.

  5. Phil agonizing and then folding really suggests he has a 10. I was surprised Daniel didn’t seem to take that quads/boat blocker effect into account. Not saying it’s an easy call but Daniel could have taken longer to think about it.

    1. @Kevin Oonce there is a bet AND a caller its the time that str8 draws get out of the way anyways, so super unlikely and by the river call decision not a possibility at all really.. daniel would either be betting a boat or a bluff

    2. @Sco just thinking a straight draw with 2 clubs though. I agree unlikely. But it also makes ivy decision easier…as in trips lose to straight.

    3. @Kevin O oh for Ivey sure its easy.. very easy i think… I thought the question was how easy for Daniel to call the final raise… for me its a pot odds vs combinations of boats that he beats and boats that he loses to, because a str8 is impossible (for Patrick).

    4. @Kevin O Those combo draws that make a straight on the river is something that Ivey could call with on the turn and tank fold the river with. So, I don’t think people saying Ivey clearly has a T here so Dnegs has to call with the 99s are right. Ivey having a T is the most likely holding but there is at least a small chance he has KJ and J8 of clubs too.

    5. @Sco The problem for Daniel is that he expects neither Ivey or PA to raise with 55 when he pots the turn and 1/2psb the river verse 2 opposite.
      The reason is what does 55 want to get called by after check raising? He has to think very lowly of Daniel to think he is bet calling with worse than 55. Basically, bottom full should basically be a hero call verse competent opponents in this situation.
      Moreover, what are the bluffs PA has here? In this exact spot, I don’t think he has any. He would have to be turning AT or KT into a bluff trying to get J8 and KJ of clubs to fold.

  6. The best part is Ivey walking away from the table and not seeing the hand through, like after Patrick raised he knew he made the right fold which was all that mattered, very cool mentality

  7. Haha but the fact that Ivey just went to eat and went out ,already knew he’s beat didn’t even want to see how the hand ends 😃

  8. That Ivey fold was really well done. Hard to fold but I think Patrik flating behind on the turn and then Daniel firing two streets after being called in two spot definitely helps. I can’t believe Patrik shoved that was crazy.

    1. At the end of the day it was luck that won the hand. Cause poker is still basically gambling.

    2. @DrugStoreCowboy Fair enough. I think once Patrick shoves you kinda have to ignore Ivey likely having a 10 and just breakdown exactly what u think Patrick has since he’s never bluffing after calling full pot on turn, and if u determine Patrick is never shoving 5s here(which he shouldn’t be) you’re kinda forced to fold. I would’ve played the hand identical to Daniel from start to finish, so i don’t wanna be results oriented and say he did anything wrong. If he called and Patrick had quads the same people would be saying DUH OFC HE HAD IT. Im not saying u obviously u seem reasonable. im just speaking generally. Can’t be results oriented with this stuff, and daniels fold is correct long term imo.

    3. ​​@DoctorChained it was a great fold, I assume he must have thought what are these 2 players calling with on flop and turn, at that point trip 10’s become a bluff catcher. He has card removal which takes away the possibility of kings, with Daniels 54k river bet, you can quickly remove AA, and really it leaves only few possibilities of pocket 5’s, 9’s and Queens although not likely, and 10x hands.

      Also with Patrick calling down flop, turn, I think really it is quite easy at that point to know likely trips are beat. just my thought anyway 🙂

    4. @Owen I think Daniel would probably bet J8 clubs in the river because it can get value from AT. However, he is almost never potting the turn 3w on the turn and risking getting check raised by AT and having to fold his equity.
      Moreover, even if he does play J8 clubs like this, he is bet folding to a shove. Same goes if he pots the turn and 1/2 pots the river with AT. He is never calling. This is why 55 is always just a hero verse competent players. It’s only getting called by worse. PA value owned himself, but got lucky DN had the one full that has to fold.

    5. @Notre Cyborg trips or a straight are never calling. Which is why the raise is bad. If called PA is beat.

  9. Phil immediately runs to the snack tray after folding – I feel you Phil

  10. This hand was so sick, shows why Phil Ivey is the goat, is not always about winning, it’s also about making incredible folds. I’m shocked Daniel didn’t call, but the board was tough.

    1. nah, standard fold. I’ve folded trips with top kicker many times. I would’ve done the same. my thought process would’ve put someone on Q10 or J8 of clubs.

    2. @Samuel J Daniel’s history on this show I think factored into his decision.

    3. @genxeratl He was thinking Phil has 55 and that’s why Phil folded. That means Patrick must have 10Q, QQ or quads.

    4. People understand something
      Cash games are on another level
      In tournament Phil most likely still folds and Daniel makes that call every time

  11. Personally, I think going all in and just accepting losing to quads is the best play.

    1. There is also QT and a couple combos of T9o if he has those plus the TT hands. He really is only beating 55 which is awkward. And he may not even think 55 can rejam there. Somehow his hand got turned into almost a pure bluff catcher lol wild

    2. Quads, 9-T or Q-T but I agree… if you have one of the three then nice hand…

  12. Insane hand with 3 legends. I think Daniel was in a brutal spot but he didn’t think long enough about Phil Ivey’s pause time on the river. This hand is quite similar to a hand between Esfandiari, Bob Safai and Durr many years ago. The reason Durr was able to fold trips is because Esfandiari took a really long time to fold on the turn signaling that he also had trips essentially allowing Durr to put Safai on a flopped boat. If Daniel thought about the action longer, he could have put Ivey on a 10 making more likely Antonius is value betting 5s full

    1. He thought Ivey had 5s leaving no other full houses he could beat. Listen to 5:30 in the video

    2. He thought Phil had 5s which Phil isn’t ever folding there, just all around terrible decision making from someone who rarely makes bad decisions

    3. Even if you put ivey on a 10, every other full house beats daniel except 5s and patrick isnt doing this without a full house or better.

  13. These 3 have been battling sooooo long what an amazing runout well played to all 3 players !

  14. Phil Ivey just is pure class make incredible fold and then goes to the 5star snack trey to think about it lol, hears “I’m all-in, and quietly exits the room” lol

  15. Just shows the respect those players have for each other in that situation.

  16. Haven’t watched high stakes poker for 15 yrs. Looks like nothing changed Negreanu getting owned as always 🤣🤣

  17. Youve got to remember that Daniel is still snakebitten against these players on HSP so psychologically he’s at a disadvantage, but to be fair, Antonius raising there makes no sense if he cant beat the rolled 9’s boat so I guess it’s either an insanely 5d move by I_Knockout_U or Antonius didn’t believe Kid Poker and would push every time in that spot….personally, I think Antonius thought he was best and would have gotten a shock but Daniel read his confidence and couldn’t put it down to having 5’s on that board.

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