Daniel Negreanu OWNS Phil Hellmuth!

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Daniel Negreanu OWNS Phil Hellmuth!

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    1. A lot of players simply group suited one-gappers with suited connectors, as they play basically the same. So calling that a suited connector is very normal

  1. I love how Daniel gets the cards, Phil gets a disastrous river, but somehow Daniel is “owning” Phil here.

    1. disastrous?🤣🤣 the river was the only chance he had at possibly winning. theres no better card phil couldve seen

    2. ​@@Stratigizing it’s disastrous because it makes Phil’s hand better but it is still worse than Daniel’s hand so he is less likely to fold the losing hand.

    3. Phil could’ve lost a lot more too. And Didn’t he still end up winning the match ?

    1. @@lovelylemonfactory doesnt matter if he has an employee uploading videos for him, the channel is in dnegs name

  2. It’s always a special moment watching Dnegs beat Phillip. When it comes to poker Phillip is like a spoiled 3 year old. Thanks for the laughs Daniel.

  3. I could beat Phil in two orbits and you’ll upvote this to heaven so we can rejoice even a random commenter tilting him

  4. I guess 5 doesn’t exist in this world. If 6/4 of hearts is a “suited connector.”

    1. 7-3 suited is a suited connector also. The cards don’t have to be next to eachother in the deck to be connecting. Just enough to make a straight on the flop

    2. uh are you both stupid? connectors are consecutive cards. can’t believe some moron said 7 3 is a connector lmao

  5. Man said “three jacks” like he was asking if Hellmuth had better than the Nuts XD

    1. ​@@ledrash6079 Phil would go all in with a straight. Top set is the nuts when just called buddy

    2. ​@@brc7423 That makes no sense, nuts is nuts. Hellmuth could be calling with 2 5 worried about 5 7.

    3. @davidm5646  and that’s why you can’t function in society. If you think he’s just calling after hitting a gutshot 2nd nuts on the river then I pray you do not reproduce

    4. @@davidm5646 never talk poker again until the day you die. The game doesn’t need you. You will lose.

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