Daniel Negreanu Makes His Opponent Fold THE BEST HAND! #poker

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Daniel Negreanu Makes His Opponent Fold THE BEST HAND! #poker

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  1. Jack High Flush, I would have called so basically despite a set which he would have beat he put D negs on a K or Q spades

    1. Paired boards are almost impossible to call the third nut flush also Doyle folding probably led him to believe he was beat as well👍

    2. Theres a video of daniel explaining his actions in this hand,its very interesting and all made sense

  2. On Daniel’s YouTube channel, you can find a breakdown of this hand.

    1. Because he doesn’t necessarily have a bigger flush. But if he can make a big bet on the river after the board pairs, he usually has AT LEAST the nut flush, or a full house. Sometimes he’s bluffing, but not as often as he’s got the Js beat.

    2. Continuation bet, or c-bet for short. It usually masks a hand’s strength or weakness and makes it likely for the opponent to make a decision that is bad for them.

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