Daniel Negreanu Looks to Save His 2022 at Poker Masters! [VLOG]

After a rough World Series of we catch up with at the 2022 Masters and likewise speak to Ethan ' Poker' Yau!

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Looks to Save His 2022 at ! [VLOG]

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    1. Definitely NOT the goat. He’s never been the goat, and never will be. The game has long passed him by.

    1. @Sal Jablo imagine saying that about one of the most successful poker players of all time …..he could lose 1 million every year for the next 30 and still be ahead of your lifetime earnings by 10 million.

    2. @Savage Tyrant He is always Cringe and never likeable. He’s as fake as his hair.

    3. @Savage Tyrant Lol, as annoying as Phil is, daniel is much more insufferable and delusional, and its not even close.

  1. “In August I spend all my time researching 14-18 yr old young boys” I don’t really believe the rest of his statement, for “Hockey” sure Daniel it’s for your “fantasy” hockey league 🤣

  2. The game has long caught up with him. He’s insanely overrated. He went bust ten times and finally got a lucky break, then he got sponsored and it’s easy sailing from then on. He is trying to learn GTO but his fundamentals just aren’t strong enough. He should stick to exploitative poker. And he should never ever play a cash game anymore.

    1. @Derek Cibik Thanks for the concerns about my health. I can give you peace of mind: I don’t do drugs.

  3. Lol Daniel sounds so Canadian after his August hockey binge.. I know he’s Canadian but go back to his World Series of poker Vlogs and he don’t sound like that

    1. Part of Dans problem is losing touch with his roots. Dr. Leatherman doesn’t like Canada..

  4. I didn’t even recognise him at the start, I thought it was somebody talking across to Daniel lol I haven’t watched poker for quite some time. researching 14 to 18 year old young hocky boys? lol Hmmmm, re word next time

  5. Nice that you wore your best t-shirt to do professional reporting for Poker Go.

    1. Looks like it hasn’t been washed in weeks lol.. poker go is trash. They somehow have the money to buy the rights to productions but can’t afford decent attire for their employees.. its like the new woke poker tour

  6. Pokergo: hoarding and monetizing previously free poker footage, and using the profit to have a guy in a wrinkled 1999 T shirt interview a narcisistic has been.

    Capitalism is amaaaazing.

  7. Things must be going real bad for Negraneu. Maybe we should start a GoFundMe for all the entertainment he has provided us over the years. Or maybe not. F’ing degenerate gambler! 😆

  8. This dude comes off so, so poorly; it’s wild: the discernible, veiled ‘ha ha’ rage from years of missing wins despite MASS MASS volume. Easily top 3 spot in the sport. Luckily the friendly, ahh geee, shucks likable charming disposition he debuted with years ago earned lifetime free roll, my goodness what a spot boys, eat up, in perpetuity, for life.

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