Daniel Negreanu Left In Disbelief After THIS!

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Daniel Negreanu Left In Disbelief After THIS!

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    1. Bro is acting like this is not a clip of one of the best poker players in the world.

    2. @@badgamedevreacts3855 Bro it’s still a game of chance… You can be the best player in the world and still lose on the flop smoothbrain

    3. Bro your brain is smoother than the smoothest sphere that has ever existed, daniel negreanu is literally one of the best poker players in the world, I commented specifically to refute the idea that daniel negreanu should play like he’s broke so he might win because statistically daniel negreanu is in the top 1% of poker players world wide NOWHERE in my commend did I say that being the best poker player in the world meant that you can magically overcome the reality of luck, where in me saying “Bro is acting like this is not a clip of one of the best poker players in the world.” did i make the implication that poker is not a game of chance, I’d love to see how you made this multi planetary jump to conclusions with literally zero reason to do so. @@foxernator

    1. @@ItsEverythingElse I honestly don’t understand the shove here? If he flat called then he probably would of won this hand by shoving on the turn card.

    2. Its a late stage tournament, you need to shove with only 17 bigs left

  1. Maybe second nut flush draw isn’t worth getting it all in for almost 20BB heads up. But what do I know, you’re the “pro”.

    1. Why is “pro” in quotes. He is a professional. He makes his money from poker. He’s also multiple bracelet winner… you think you’re better?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Second nut flush draw and a pair. Most definitely worth getting it in. If the other guy had just a pair, which will be the case much more often than them having two pair, he would be a solid favorite.

    3. 20BB is the start of Shove/Fold pre territory where you’re looking to double up to keep ahead of the blinds. Mid pair with a flush draw is generally going to put you at 50% +/- 5% to win vs most opposing hands. Daniel knows this and spies a flip opportunity to double up. The opponent having 2 pair makes this a 45/55 and the shove is absolutely correct given his “about to be short stack” status in the tournament.

    4. ICM implications at the point of the tourney he’s at says different. 20 people left, he’s in 13th and with thousands of dollars at stake for each pay jump you don’t donk it off with K9 suited unless you’re already rich and don’t care about a 50k 1st place tourney@@kirblar

  2. Everytime I see one of these online game shorts you are losing somehow!

    1. A raging mad poker player gets more views than a happy one. He’s in the top 20 of a 5k entry here so must have won some hands.

  3. I like angry dnegs. I feel bad for him and dont want to see him lose but his anger shows his passion to me

  4. Even if you call the flop you’re in on the turn. No getting away from that really, just too many outs.

  5. Runs out like me 😁 keep going Dbegs. Love all your videos, vlogs all content. Keep up the big 2024

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