Daniel Negreanu & Kevin Martin Clash in Huge Cash Game Pot!

Daniel Negreanu gets it in excellent, however can his hand hold up versus the millions of outs his opponent Kevin Martin has!? Watch complete episodes of No Gamble, No Future on PokerGO right now as gamers are subjected to the Wheel of Pain which results in amusing punishments throughout the program.

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Daniel Negreanu & Kevin Martin Clash in Huge Cash Game Pot!

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    1. Yeah, he is always splashy in cash games. That’s why he had those big swings in The big game yrs ago.

    2. This had to do with bet/stack sizes.calling 2k to win 60 is not baf imo. Had he bet like 4-5k Daniel would have folded.

    3. ​@@shemklol can I have you in my game? Calling 3 bets cold not closing the action?

  1. This could never go any other way post flop. Daniel is playing loosey goosey but this is exactly the reason why. Get paid on the big hands he does hit! Kmart did nothing wrong either IMO

  2. GREAT to see Eli in the game. He was such a mainstay of the stellar high stakes games of the past.

    1. I guess he was able to find someone new to stake him after he burned so many bridges

    2. @@howlinblues420lies he’s one of the most reputable and best people in the community my 🐐

    3. @@howlinblues420What are you talking about? He’s one of the most popular and respected OGs in the game.

    4. @@michaelg4664 look at the 2+2 threads and even Doug Polk did a video about Eli. He’s well known within the backer’s community to not repay his debts

  3. I think it’s just a tough laydown on the turn. I can’t see any one pair hands we’re ahead of and not many clear semibluffs because we hold As and no straight draws (can’t have 910 or qj with just one spade here). spr too low for jam imo

    1. The 2k bet was relatively low imo. Calling 2k to potentially win 60. Had he bet 4k Daniel woukd fold

  4. Hellmuth asserted his dominance in a major way during this episode. Can’t wait to watch the next one with this lineup!

    1. @@gli5580 wow what a clever comment. Clearly you haven’t seen the episode

  5. anyone with NASA sheet on… hahah tells you all you need to know.

  6. On High Stakes Poker, Daniel could have run it 6 times (between the turn and river) and he would have lost 5, minimum.

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