Daniel Negreanu High Stakes Poker Season 9 Highlights!

had his best season ever on Season 9 on PokerGO and here are the highlights as he takes on Tom , , Adelstein, Phil Ivey, and many others!

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High Stakes Poker Season 9 Highlights!

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  1. Do tom dwan one , he Made more Money this season , daniel lost a lost last 2 ep .

    He lost to HELMUTH 3:0 and lost to doug

    Daniel is just famous name nothing more .

    1. @Yuvaan Gupta Watch last 2 ep he lost 5-6 pots to dwan and fold trips winning hand guy lost a touch

    2. What crack are you smoking? DNegs has 6 WSOP bracelets, 2 WPT championships, won WSOP Player of the Year 2004 & 2013, 3rd highest winner in tournaments (behind Bonomo and Kenney) and is in the Poker Hall of Fame.

    3. @Taz you right , but i talk about 3:0 vs Helmuth and lost to doug , also last 2 ep he was really bad just Watch hsp cheers

    4. @Wuzi “Daniel is just famous name nothing more .” implies that his decades of poker means nothing

  2. While Hultman is tanking, love watching Ivey staring at him and Negs to pick up on anything.

    1. He honestly didn’t even give it much thought. I’ve never see Garrett check flop and turn with an over and then 2X river when literally nothing came in.

  3. What is Daniel even repping in that first hand? As played he should have no boats. An overbet when his range is capped at a flush doesn’t make sense, would’ve liked to have seen a hero call from Hultman.

    1. Agree, he’s just clicking buttons. All his boat combos are c/c turn, and the other guy has more boats anyway (although still not too many). Seems like an awful bluff spot from a theory perspective, but I guess DN likes ‘goofy stuff’

    2. There’s an easy way to find out. DNegs has done hand breakdowns of every hand shown and more on his channel.

    1. Every Abbott needs a Costello. Was funny when Gabe would rag on AJ for his lack of poker 🤣 knowledge

  4. Wow Daniel really took it to Gman. I rarely see Gman make wrong decisions

    1. 13:05 did you hear what jrb, said to ivey haha. I’ll be honest jean robert may have folded

  5. Ffs daniel watched his own analysis video on magnus carlsen 🤣. Great play mate!

  6. Daniel was my hero , then he lost to phil hellmuth .
    The Man who taught us not to be loosey-goosey while eating a sandwich! got beat by a guy loosey-goosey eating a sandwich…. 🤪

  7. He’s always fun to watch but I prefer a drunk DNegs doing multiple politically-incorrect accents and spot-on impressions at the table. Highly entertaining.

  8. Gotta tip my hat, dnegs really is a crusher. The 175k river bluff took the heart of a lion

  9. Dnegs is a fish. Always has been and always will be. No amount of studying and donking off 1M to Doug Polk will change that.

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