Daniel Negreanu Headlines U.S. Poker Open Event 4 Final Table! [FULL STREAM]

, , , Allan Le, and battle at this 2023 U.S. Open Pot Limit Omaha last table with $200,200 up for grabs for the winner! Follow the 2023 U.S. Open live on YouTube for free with commentary provided by Remko Rinkema and Donnie Peters.

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Headlines U.S. Poker Open Event 4 Final Table! [FULL STREAM]

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  1. Daniel and Phil Hellmuth seem so scare of Triton Tournament,never seen both of them there

    1. That’s a ton of travel to get there as well as the real action is the side games. That’s not fear but game selection is my guess

  2. I love how Keijzer played. Just absolutely ICM abused everyone, especially Weisman.

  3. I was a little bit of a contrarian during the NLH hype of the 00s.
    And I played Manila, Pharaoh, Big O, PLO, 7card, 5card, draw and sometimes PLH out of spite.

  4. I havnt watched this yet, but a lesson Daniel has taught us with his heads up match a few yrs ago that he lost, he learned a lot fr that defeat, he didn’t have to step into that ring, but by doing so has allowed him to progress to higher levels of success.
    Keep getting better making better decision’s.

  5. I know not the point of this stream but Vegas Starbucks lines are an unholy nightmare, I hope they all start to add mobile ordering!

  6. Bread with toppings is toast! Sandwich requires two sides of bread!

  7. Uhh, doesn’t weisman have the flush with the king when le wins with the straight?

  8. look at Daniel, playing all loosey goosey eating a sandwhich and losing! 49:29

  9. I don’t wanna watch no more Daniel folding the best draws 🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. Until he starts crying like a little b on a Twitter space and defending a person who advocates empathizing with pedos.

  10. Quite Interesting event to watch. The only down side are the commentators who have absolutely no clue about the game and just filling up the sound track.

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