Daniel Negreanu Headlines Stacked Final Table Chasing his Second Win of 2024! [Extended Highlights]

View the complete highlights of Daniel Negreanu's 2nd last table of 2024 as he goes up against Alex Foxen, Kristen Foxen, Samuel Laskowitz, Aram Zobian, and Masashi Oya. The first reward at this final table is $10,000.

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Daniel Negreanu Headlines Stacked Final Table Chasing his Second Win of 2024! [Extended Highlights]

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  1. The heads up was a great example of how much luck plays a factor. Hard to win when your opponent just keeps getting better cards almost every hand.

    1. I really believe that luck is 50% and skill is 50% of Texas Holdem, I am not a gambler but an interested in statistics and am retired so I see these kind of vids way too much. Anyway that is my assessment, I think That Daniel is a very skilled player and is very intuitive as well -I am not familiar with Ms Foxen but she seems very savy a nice person. Congratulations to Ms Foxen

  2. That lady was so lucky ; she actually folded a winning 8 high , on a counterfeit-ed board. πŸ˜‚ I mean ; it would be interesting to know what a veteran like Negreanu , thought of that heads-up …experience? Otherwise, it was fun to watch.

    1. @@antzooma no..just making an observation about how oddly lucky ..you know what I mean..

  3. β€œNow he can go take a nap as he has clearly just woken upβ€β˜ οΈ

  4. Anyone know the title of the video the foxens were talking about? Sounds funny

  5. Funny how Alex Foxen gives the same evil stare to his wife that he gives to his other opponents. πŸ˜‚

  6. I play poker about 15 hours a week, by means no pro, that 950 raise, call, horrible

  7. I hope GGAI is watching
    Finally getting some recognition he deserves from the highest players

  8. 0:00: πŸƒ Intense poker action as players make high-stakes moves, hoping for a game-changing hand to secure a win at the final table.
    4:56: πŸƒ Professional poker players discuss strategy and potential improvements, while engaging in a high-stakes tournament.
    9:06: πŸƒ Intense final table action with Daniel Negreanu facing tough decisions and conservative play with pocket Jacks and Ace four Spades.
    13:13: πŸƒ High-stakes poker players share anecdotes of clever gameplay and strategic bluffs during intense matches.
    18:38: πŸƒ Intense final table poker action with high stakes, chip leaders shifting, and a potential coinflip situation.
    23:08: πŸƒ High-stakes poker tournament with intense final table action, including a critical decision and a potential game-changing turn card.
    27:22: πŸƒ Intense final table action as players navigate deep stacks and tough decisions. Neo faces a challenging hand against a strong opponent.
    31:48: πŸƒ High-stakes poker final table featuring Daniel Negreanu and Kristen Foxen, with a surprise outcome and technical issues.
    37:30: πŸƒ Intense poker game between Daniel and Foxon with high stakes and strategic moves.
    Recapped using Tammy AI

  9. Did they seriously not think to have a differentiator on the graphic for the two Foxens??

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