Daniel Negreanu Headlines PokerGO Cup $25,000 No Limit Hold’em Event 7 Final Table!

Daniel Negreanu is in search of his first of 2023 at this $25,000 No Limitation Hold 'em last table at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas. Negreanu goes up against David Peters, Sam Soverel, Daniel Colpoys, and Punnat Punsri with $310,000 on the line! The commentary on this stream is from Remko Rinkema and Donnie Peters.

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Daniel Negreanu Headlines PokerGO Cup $25,000 No Limit Hold'em Event 7 Final Table!

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  1. Really entertaining all the way until the end. More long (and free) streams like this please

  2. I’m always amazed with Negreanu’s wits and playful attitude. Poker deals with a lot of thinking but it’s also a fun game.
    Just wish Daniel’s hair is the same blonde as before and he shaves off that bushy beard, after all under all his new look is a pretty face❤️

  3. No talking among players.. miss the Big Game, was the best format of poker forever! =)

  4. Negraneu will always be my fav poker player. I never seen someone so happy ALL the time even when he loses. That’s a likeable person in any sport or genre.

    1. I wonder if it’s on purpose to disarm his opponents so they are more relaxed when they are around him.

    2. Ask Daniel how to play 44 in limit hold’em, then argue with him no matter what he says. 🙂

  5. It’s about time the luck turned and Dnegs started winning the crucial all in’s again. He went a whole season of WPT 2 years back without winning a single all in with AA (like 4-5 times iirc lol).

  6. funny hearing Daniel call out the other player for calling out his 2 cards when Daniel does that a lot I find… one of the best at it to be honest IMO

    1. That’s understandable since the wsop is a way bigger tournament and for way more money

  7. You can tell that Daniel really enjoys playing poker, I would love to hang with him and just talk poker…

  8. Esse negreanu é esperto, cheio de conversa quando quando fica chip leader.

  9. I’ve been to Australia about a dozen times back when I was flying jumbo jets in the cargo configuration. I’m a skydiver as well and did around 15 to 20 skydives down under.

  10. This was amazing, I watched it all and let me say my eyeballs are hurting 😊

  11. Daniel N is for me the best poker player.. his one of the few who keeps evolving and doesnt stay behind

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