Daniel Negreanu Has Never Won a Mixed Game Tournament!

has never won a Mixed Video game tournament, so can he close this one out beginning with the chip lead?

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Hasn't Won a Mixed Game Tournament in Almost 20 Years!

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  1. When there were 5 left and negs was chiplead I said in chat he’ll finish in 3rd. Man just cant play till the end without punting the stack in some stupid play at some point.

    1. single Draw 2-7 no limit.

      The point is to get to the lowest hand with a single draw. 2 beting rounds, one before and other after the draw

  2. Although Daniel has made some questionable statements throughout the years, it’s undeniable that poker would be so much fun if every other reg behaved like him..

  3. Of course not. Daniel is famous of donking especially when in the lead. TALK TOO MUCH. Should shut his trap and play poker.

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