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  1. Had to watch it again cuz his reaction to the ten was like he won somehow couldn’t figure out how the ten helped him. It’s cuz it didn’t lol

    1. It was a red card and his only outs were 2 red nines. The 9 and 10 also have 4 suits on the outside and the rest in the middle, making them look very similar when they’re being turned over.

  2. How does that turn save negreanu any chips??? She’s talking absolute rubbish thats one of the best turns to continue 9s with

    1. I think it’s the best
      After Daniel saying Phil isn’t that great

      Then get schooled heads up
      Plus Daniel has a big head
      Thinks he’s the poker god

  3. Just another poker player, Arizona will show you that quickly. From my boy Lil D

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