Daniel Negreanu BATTLES in a $1,562,789 FINAL TABLE!

Daniel Negreanu BATTLES in a $1,562,789 FINAL TABLE!
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In this video, we review a star packed final table, including Daniel Negreanu, Paul Phua, Shaun Deeb and a lot more pros as they battle towards a WSOP Europe Bracelet, in a $1,562,789 prize swimming pool final table!

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Daniel Negreanu BATTLES in a $1,562,789 FINAL TABLE!

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  1. These guys didnt play poker – they were straight up gambling with a shove all in preflop on nearly every hand.

    1. Nah. They played a lot of poker, a lot of hands. TV just shows the big shoves and hands

    2. @@JonTimi true but they were so short stacked that this is the way it goes. That’s one of the reasons I dislike short-stacked tournament poker. It’s just gambling.

    3. thats all based on stack sizes and blinds, its the same formula for all of them

    4. When the big blind is 250k and they only have 2-3 million they really have no choice but to play like that..

    1. ​@@Tuturial464suspense and also they burn 1 card before each street so you kinda have yo pause anyway

  2. Poker math: the more outs you have, the least likely you’ll get it – especially in the finals, gg

    1. Neagreanu lost to these patzers he needs to retire dude has lost the thread

    2. @@bobdole7292still the worlds best and besides this was mostly all in’s that’s poker. If he wasn’t in a situation where he was around 30big blinds then he could have had a shot.

    3. That’s some good poker Mather now it’s time for some poker logic: your aces are gonna get cracked

  3. Man I am SO GLAD I finally see more Negreanu world championship content across my dash! I have been craving this for years, I wont watch any other player. I don’t enjoy poker unless it’s Negreanu at work.

    1. I really enjoying The kid he have poker class and sick skills but i like more good players then only him so watch tournys and cash even if Daniel is out of the game but of course he fun to watch ✌🏻💯 Greetings CZ 75 Shadow (Stu Ungar fan Norway)

  4. Negreanu folded A/2 suited and the flop hit A/2 he could have killed Kim and his huge all in

    1. He also folded 10 8 for a 500k all in and board ran 67x9x with no bet on flop… Thats poker Love dnegs

  5. 18:40 can someone explain this “misclik” discussion, was it the Q7 off?

  6. Heath’s shove with the J10 vs. AA might be one of the worst tournament poker plays I have ever seen.

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