Daniel Calls Out Imsirovich, RTA/GTO Solver Issues, High Stakes Hand Review – DAT Poker Pod Ep #140

0:00 Intro, TSN turning point, Simulated Meats
5:45 PokerGo PLO Hand
19:00 RTA & Landscape
34:00 Daniel Calls Out Ali As Unfaithful Allegations Continue
40:20 Week 3 Preview
50:10 Hand Review With Daniel

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Daniel Calls Out , RTA/ Solver Issues, High Stakes Hand Review – DAT Poker Pod Ep #140

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  1. Thanks for what you guys do! I’m starting this now. I’m a big fan

  2. Daniel, once when I went to a restaurant and ordered a veggie burger, the burger comes, and it’s clearly not veggie, I think it looks like a turkey burger. So I call the waitress over, apologize, thinking I spoke unclearly or something and explain that while I meant to ask for a veggie burger, not a turkey burger.
    Her verbatim response:
    “Yeah, veggie, turkey!”

    She was from Texas, so my wife and I joke that in Texas, turkey counts as a vegetable.
    (and yes, she made it right afterwards, but she was not joking when she said it, it took her a moment)

    1. I knew someone who claimed that she was a vegetarian because she did not eat steak. She still ate beef (burgers, etc) and all other meat, just not steak.

  3. Ali has been winning in tonnes of love tournaments so clearly he’s great without needing to cheat…

    1. When you’ve sat at a computer running off market software for nearly a decade maybe you memorize it along the way..

    2. @@loganehewett9807 surely that’s just dedicated learning that most people don’t have nearly the patience for

    3. That’s what’s so weird about the cheating. He clearly never needed to, yet did anyway. He could have kept winning fairly, but sacrificed his reputation and potentially many other opportunities for extra winnings that it wouldn’t seem as though he needed.

    4. @@TTGGraveyeah…beyond stupid. The only thought can be is, yes he was crushing live scene but wayyyy more money online and he was obviously more than willing to further his edge to grab as much as possible. Such a waste and like most of believe, kind of bummed don’t get to see him compete live again. Just can’t grasp the level of greed required to cheat as one of the best in the game. Massive greed and/or there’s so much cheating online, he felt “might as well”. Such a waste

    5. @MostlyLoveOfMusic  so a decade of cheating correlates to live success and you accredit that as hard work. Nice

  4. At this point I immediately root against anywhere wearing a mask at the poker table unless they have a medical condition. It’s like a scarlet letter…

    1. Why? People have always attempted to obscure their faces. The mask is just another way to do so, along side huge scarfs, big sunglasses and whatever else people think up.

  5. Lol …. All this time I’ve been thinking Adam was the same guy doing the “where are they now” videos🤣🤣🤣🤣. My bad, Adam😉🤘

  6. What stops a player from having one laptop setup to play poker and another laptop right beside him running the sims? He could even have an accomplice help him input the sims quickly. You can’t stop online cheats

  7. Black Friday and HUDs, nevertheless RTA….it all ruins online poker. Online should have the same experience as live in terms of playing the game. As we all know, online v live are wayyyyy different games. Pre Black Friday…I was smoking live poker. Up to 5/10 cash and small MTT up to $500. Even then, I would tell people playing 1/2 online and $100 MTT way different. Now with all the tech…perhaps I’m glad that I can’t log on anymore as I wouldn’t even use HUD but I know most did. Today, can’t imagine the online play with tools to remove the pure ness of poker. Love poker. Hate tech used in poker.

  8. All vegans don’t agree with Daniel. However, it doesn’t really matter. Why be so judgmental? Why Daniel do you challenge anyone who says they don’t like the taste of meat? This is an unnecessary statement and it’s not true. Many people don’t like the taste of meat! Moving on.

  9. Been vegan for six years, and bacon is still the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

  10. Love the podcast. I am a senior. Poker Grandma and have met Daniel. Long time ago 2006 and again years later. Such a great ambassador of the game. I watch all the vlogs too. You guys are great.

  11. Is the pitch slightly off for the second or third podcast? It sounds like they’ve all inhaled helium.

  12. Although the calendar says I’m “senior”. I sure AF don’t consider myself that category. 😂😂

  13. I think it’s contradictory for you to say ‘I don’t think this is a real problem at the lower stakes’ in reference to RTA when previous to this comment you speak of the value of $20 being ‘worth it’ for people in some countries to risk.
    Surely this is a huge issue across the board, but I guess pokersites and the ambassadors of them have a vested interest in playing this down.

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