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  1. How do you call 10 mil at the end with a straight wgen not only is tge board paired but spades got there WHAT A DONKEY 😂

    1. The best players are polarized and balanced. They have value bets and bluff bets, and this time, Mateos was wrong and called a value bet. It’s part of the game at top level, which you’ve never been to, so maybe ease up on the insults.

    2. These guys make more money in a day playing poker than you probably do by doing anything in a year. Just saying.

    3. @@OKmoomer yes they do still say that was a horrendous call not sure what your point is

    1. They’re 3-handed in a $100K high roller and Mateos was already guaranteed to take home a million-plus. This is also how you should be sizing your river bluffs as well, but I’m sure you knew that already. 😆

    1. Tournament chips, you buy in for a certain amount for a certain amount of chips

  2. Calls with a str8 when the flush gets there and there’s a paired board. Mkron donk… and if the guy smotthes the flop, you have to assume he’s chaing the flush. Betting the river wasn’t bad,but the call was horrible. I would have respected a jam more than a call on the river.

  3. Idiotic call he had a lousy straight and there was also a flash potential. This guy shouldn’t be on tv

  4. Freerollers giving lessons in the comments, so funny. With a $1 AVI it’s easy to talk without knowing a 💩

  5. Why do you pay the bet after the turn? Just because of a 5% chance of getting the lady on the street? Totally poorly played. Lost with announcement. He’s a fish!

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