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  1. I don’t think this is ev profitable to fold 22 there, looks kinda exploitable

    1. ​@Diego Meza oops didn’t actually heard the 300bb bet part, didn’t know they were that deep, my bad, than it really comes down to having reads on your opponent, tough spot

    2. The way you guys think in itself is the most exploitable thing. Stop thinking you’re professionals and talking about how exploitable lined and folds are. Humans don’t play like robots it’s not automated. Even if you run into an identical scenario which won’t happen it still wouldn’t guarantee the same action. Nuff said

    3. @artisan because only proffessionals can talk about exploitability? No prob, go against atleast a little bit decent opponents and go fold all your sets and second/third nuts against shoves, and everyone will be seeing you as a money bag and take all your money because they know you’re the weakest nit player at the table, that’s called gto, and you don’t need to know it like a robot, but atleast be close as possible to not see your money drying away with the speed of light

    4. @Mykola Hudz are you talking from personal experience? I meet a lot of gto wannabes like you, who think and talk about theory like professionals. In reality you guys are just posers. Fish talking about exploitability.

    1. @MrElephantBeach whats that got to do with anything? Its a terrible fold lol

    2. Your never laying down either that’s why they are there and you are in the comments sir

  2. Daaaaafug nice fold from the old guy whos chrushing mixed games and crazy fold from 222

  3. Anybody who says 22s is a bad fold knowing what the winner had is an idiot. He pushed all in with the best hand, she would’ve had to river quads are y’all nuts??? That’s a great fold

    1. In the long run, that is an awful fold. If you couldn’t see he had 8s you’d be saying wtf are you doing

  4. The raise was outrageous. A 300 bb on the turn was just silly. He cost himself money.

  5. The only thing i can come up with is that these DONKYS wouldnt raise Aj diamonds here

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