Crazy Exciting World Series of Poker Tag-Team Event Final Table

and heading the $1,000 Tag-Team last table at the 2022 with a very amazing rail full of fans!

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Crazy Exciting World Series of Poker Tag-Team Event Final Table

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  1. feel bad for jamie. dude blew it. 6:1 4b with k4 like wtf all hands he played were bad.

  2. If you’re going to make that move with K4… do it for a slightly smaller sizing.

    Or just, wtf, don’t lol

  3. The difference in standard HeadsUp was a joke 🤣 well done pads & Jorstad!!!

  4. Wait what. Did he put 50%+ of his stack in pre with K4 and then fold? Like wtf. That is the worst play I have ever seen on a televised tourney.

  5. That was painful to watch. Up almost 6 to 1 in chips and all in twice as big underdog to give up the lead? QJ and A10, no need to push with those hands with such a big lead. The two failed big bluffs did not help either.

  6. Not quite sure I understand the point of tag-team. Is there any sort of advantage to switching out? Is it just so people can get a break? Someone to comfort you when there’s an all in? What’s next mixed doubles where your total hand is based off what cards your partner has, where have I heard that game before…

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