Crazy Emotions with $5,000,000 On the Line at World Series of Poker!

Chris Brewer overcomes years of bad luck at the last table of the $250,000 Super High Roller at the 2023

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Crazy Emotions with $5,000,000 On the Line at !

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  1. Glad he won since he was only one who didnt cry about martin like a little girl.

    1. ​@@MrClaus. A Euro player who mostly everyone despises. He gets under most people’s skin.

  2. 98% favourite after the flop to lose to an opponent hitting runner-runner for the straight…what a suck out for Martirosyan. Congrats to Brewer on the new jewellery!

    1. @@trevor3575 not just then, he is pretty famous for getting dealt the worst beats very late into tournaments

    2. Only reason Martirosyan was still in the tournament was an even bigger suck out against Smith, two outer queen on the turn, so I don’t feel bad for him….great for Brewer though…deserved it.

  3. that was fun to see

    on a dif video the commentors all said he had not had great luck all game so a champ he hung in there the whole time and then even this… ! 😁😄 fun

    1. @@vincentchuvc Yep he is rude in person and has a negative energy around him all the time.

    2. @@tomascech6772eah I can kind of tell. He’s a very emotional man. Wouldn’t doubt he’s mean in person. Seems ungrounded and hyper sensitive

  4. Nobody more deserving, such a crusher only a matter of time before he got his W

  5. Really happy with Chris there. FInally got his bracelet. Well deserved!

  6. This was such a fantastic tournament for his luck to turn around in. He’s been so unlucky for so long, but finally gets a single truly lucky runout at what has to be one of the highest-value tournaments he’s ever entered

  7. He was the only one that treated Martin Kabrhel with respect and kindness, for that I think he’s really deserving of the luck to win this. I get that’s not how it works, but it’s nice to see

  8. Its so great having Jeff platt yelling at me the whole hand. Please have him commentate everything else pokergo it’s awesome !

  9. Bro had me tearing up a little bit with the excitement and the emotion. You could tell how much this one meant to him. 5.5 mil up top and that beautiful WSOP gold bracelet. Congratulations

    1. same man, not often you get emotional cause someone else won 5 mil but it was hard not to tear up there lol

    2. @@royfokerpoker1802 correct, the highest high roller events are usually 250-300k but every once in awhile they do a million dollar buy in for stuff like the og One Drop events

  10. Very lucky there, to win especially after the k on the flop. Thats poker as they say.

  11. For all those saying how lucky Brewer got and he deserved to lose etc, etc…the only reason Martirosyan was even still there was a bigger suck out against Smith earlier where he would have been out the door but hit a two outer queen on the turn to beat Smith’s kings.

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