Craziest Poker Hand of 2024?! 🤯

Everyone struck the flop in this hand! @celebritypokertour

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Craziest Hand of 2024?! 🤯

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  1. I’m definitely sure that all these people think they are celebrities inside their head, I’m pretty sure nobody can name any of these people

    1. The fact that It bothered u so Mich that these people are called celebrity tells me something about u.

  2. I’d rather watch poker from 20 years ago from the OG legends than these clowns

    1. Why? Because she had 2 outs NOT knowing she was up against sets. Takes balls to play poker ya know.

  3. Sad thing about this is that pocket kings didn’t preflop raise so he let her limp in.

    1. Then he played it perfectly, on this table at least. All in with a prayer, what more can you ask?

    2. @@Lymbe06 No because if he preflop raised she wouldn’t have played 6 9 off to see the flop.

    3. @@Juice-lr5ox then how would you get any money out of her? Again, it all depends on the table, if everyone’s tight then you have to limp sometimes. So he had her exactly where he wanted, it doesn’t matter that her prayer was answered.

    4. @@Lymbe06lmfao stacks are so shallow there is absolutely 0 reason to limp, there’s more incentive to just pick up blinds.

  4. I hate when the worst hand by far comes in first. Not that second matters unless side pot but it happens against me a lot lately. Never in my 22 years of playing have I lost to so many 12% and worse

    1. Most of the time the best hand looses because it is not played well. If this hand was shown in it entirety, you would have seen that neither the KK or JJ raises pre-flop allowing both hands to see the flop. That is just poorly played and why you see better hands loose. Pre flop raise and 9-6 isn’t even in the hand. By the way, the other lady also had an inside straight draw after the flop. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    2. she was slightly under a 2:1 dog. she was probably getting the right price

    3. @joemanna491  I meant pre flop but yes she has 8 outs with an open ender. That’s better than the 7 outs to a flush draw. Not by much but it’s still 1 card more for a win.

  5. Pocket kings’ fault, 9-6 had no business in this hand and yet rivers a straight to bust both sets.

  6. Feels like I’m back on Full Tilt poker, running in Tournaments with Donkeys to the left of me, noobies to right, here I am, losing with KK again…

  7. Comment sections like this are why there are never any new faces in poker

    1. It’s also funny that most of these people who write all these negative comments are actually very bad at the game. They always are. Show me your Sharkscopes, people! 😄

  8. Really curious as to why y’all are calling them “clowns” and such? This hand is no more obnoxious than something I would see on Hustler Live or a DePaulo hand, why are yall quick to insult these guys?

  9. Some people shouldn’t even be at a poker table, at all. Fact’s 💯

  10. I used to play poker all the time and my would look at me and say… got 9-2 don’t you….that’s my favorite hand to play!!!!

  11. When the trap back fires you gotta raise and possibly a little a little pot vs no pot at all SMH

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