COMPLETE CHAOS at the WSOP!!! – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 47

What started as just another day at the WSOP took a frightening and dangerous turn late in the night.

0:00 Mayhem Introduction
1:00 Variance and Luck
5:07 Puppies
6:14 Drive In
9:25 Chainsaw Corner
14:42 Beginning Table
18:37 Aces
24:05 100/1 vs a UFC Fighter?
28:30 Maria Ho and 25k Fantasy
29:15 Poker
30:37 Chaos at the WSOP
36:15 Conclude

Introduction Song:
Nbhd Nick – Great Die Young

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  1. Love the gliffhanging start of the video …. what happens next ?! … Good news Dneg is still around to tell the story !!! Sending love !❤❤❤

  2. Talking about the wsop winding down is sad. Your vlogs are part of my morning routine. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you for taking the time to bring us along the wsop journey. Wish you the best Daniel!!!

  3. Daniel, great insight/discussion today about the ups and downs of being a poker player. Especially, the mind-set and taking responsibility aspect interns of adversity. I read an article in Card Player this month that spoke to the optimistic and pessimistic bias that adds nicely to today’s segment. Heal and be well. Looking forward to more content – thanks for enriching my summer 🙂

  4. It’s so surreal. I ran into Rampage yesterday wearing that exact outfit… I made this comment before seeing the end of the video. Let me add, I hope you’re doing okay Daniel, what an insane end to the series.

  5. Sorry things took a nasty turn yesterday. Good luck today! Close out strong brother~

  6. A very sobering moment for everyone. Life is precious. Glad everyone is ok and not seriously hurt. Good luck Daniel! Been rooting for you since you started these wsop vlogs and I watch them every year!

  7. Happened to me in NYC at the 420 smoke fest! Lol! Thousands of people running strait towards me & I turned around started running & jumping over guard rails like I was a Olympic hurdler! Thank God your ok! Could of been worse! We live & we learn! Always pay attention to your surroundings & have a plan just in case!🙌🏼

  8. Holy crap Dnegs, I’m so sorry you were trampled like that! It’s certainly a scary situation regardless if there is or isn’t an active shooter. Self awarness is very important and paying attention to your surroundings. Im glad that you’re doing well now, and I wish the best of luck to you during the final days of WSOP! Cheers mate

    Edit: It’s also nice to see that your wife is studying in the medical field, and that she’s able to fix you up, that looks like a gnarly hand wound. Luckily it’s only the skin.

  9. What a terrible situation, glad you are safe. What a scary situation to be in

    1. We’ve got an active vlogger situation. He lost an all in! Abandon your posts! Flee! Flee for your lives!

  10. After watching all the Chainsaw Corners this summer, I’m officially an Allen Kessler fan.

  11. Great vlog enjoyed your trip. Anegs looked great pumping iron. Keep going DNegs

  12. I needed this today! Thanks Daniel, I appreciate your perspective and approach to addressing variance and how it can be used to empower a breakthrough this is true in all forms of life experience. Appreciate you man

  13. Thank you for taking us along with you to the WSOP. I live in northern Michigan and sure enjoyed all the excitement you shared with us in Vegas. I think you’re fun to listen to and you have a beautiful family. Take care, and glad you’re okay.

  14. Love to see Rampage go from relatively unknown to associating with all the pros and top people like he’s known them forever.

  15. “Leave that f****’n guy alone.” Nick says as he moves to quickly sit down. I am clapping at this advice. Best advice I’ve ever heard given in a poker vlog.

  16. Glad you’re ok man. Thats a rough night. Obviously it could’ve been a lot worse. Hope it calms tomorrow, and you can refocus.

  17. I’m so glad you’re all safe, maybe a bit roughed up and hurt, but safe <3

  18. This was the most nail-biting vlog ever !!!
    Glad everyone is OK.
    Really loved your intro and drive in section today. Best Vlog to date IMHO.

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