Chris Moneymaker Makes Fun of Christoph Vogelsang For His Weird Playing Style! [FUNNY] #shorts

Do you believe is being ridiculous my using a massive hoodie to cover his face at the table? 2003 champion thinks it's at least worthy of making fun of in the 2022 !

Makes Fun of For His Weird Playing Style! [FUNNY] #shorts

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    1. He was definitely making a jab at his Hoodie, with the mouth piece and all. I believe if I were Vogel I would have put my glasses on at that point, pulled my mouth piece up, and bluffed away.

  1. Show ’em Chris! Poker players shouldn’t be hiding away behind glasses and hoods. It’s part of the game to not give away tells.

    1. @Bane Jah Poker Guess you’re not that big on reading YouTube comments then. I thought it was pretty clear that I meant that avoiding giving away tells (without covering the face with an object) is what I meant by that.

    2. Glasses are fine. Some ppl have extreme sensitivity to the lighting that can be exhibited at some poker rooms, but hoods do feel kinda corny when someone is sitting there at the table like that

    3. @Chris Neale “he doesn’t do English well” the irony. His English was fine, @bane jah poker is just a simpleton.

    4. @Chris Neale Well the problem isn’t that my english was bad, the problem is that I didn’t include the clarification that I wrote in the parentheses in my second comment. Or at least some of ypu found that to be a problem.

  2. The only reason a poker player would say “did the flop come out yet”, is because he saw the flop, saw the ace, and is trying to induce action.

    1. He isn’t at his house in this clip.. it’s not a green screen or hologram…

  3. Why do people try and hide in hoodies at poker tables? It’s fkin ridiculous!

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