Check-Raising The River w/FULL HOUSE!! Opponent Gets What He Deserves! Must See! Poker Vlog Ep 192

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Check-Raising The River w/FULL HOUSE!! Opponent Gets What He Deserves! Must See! Ep 192

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  1. From Red Rock to the Bellagio, and now owning your own poker room. Brad is living proof of what hard work does, good stuff man, congratulations.

    1. @Sean Kiesling I have an iq of 188 and make over 300K a year and am Iraq War Veteran. You’re the sheltered one

    2. @RodJeez 🤣 just stop. “Proving” your IQ to a stranger on the internet to “prove” how smart you are in an argument you’re losing makes you look even worse. Juat stop you’re digging yourself a deeper hole looking silly. Get back to “making that 300k a year” and stop starting pointless dumb arguments with strangers over the internet

  2. Clive, congrats on the Lodge! That is awesome. You, Dan Polk and Arthur Neeme will do great with it.

  3. Incredibly exciting news!! Brad, I hope you’re as proud of yourself as I’m sure so many of us are proud of you. The quality, commitment, dedication and consistency you’ve poured into your channel is nothing short of amazing. I’m always happy to see your successes and seeing you turn your love of vlogging into owning a business…bravo 👏!
    You should consider writing a book next. The knowledge and experience you have is powerful. Your message has always been to be yourself, find happiness and I have not seen you deviate from that since I started watching you around 25k subs.

  4. Im coming to The Lodge. It is the only thing on my bucket list this year. Game. On. Congratulations on the move. Huge.

    1. @Deadganon I’m sorry to hear that. I hope they are wrong (as is often the case!)

    2. @Steven Loube Sadly, not so true with colon cancer. The variety is especially hard to treat, if there’s even that possibility on the table. I lost both my dad and his mom to it. I’m currently dealing with it too.

  5. The Clive Owen bit was so jokes, and the last hand raising with the pocket pairs is one of my fav winning hands of yours. Love these videos, watch every one!

  6. The addition of these time stamps has been a great idea, you can truly get a feel for the flow of the game plus I have been using them to guide myself on not forcing the action and let the game come to me

  7. That smile on Brad’s face when he makes the announcement.. tells you everything.. super happy for you ! You earned it 👏🏻👍🏻

  8. Congrats Brad. I’ve been a vlog watcher for a long time now and I’m really excited for you and this opportunity. Can’t wait to see what comes from it.

  9. Happy for you, Neeme, and Polk. You’re’ all great dudes and deserve the succcess!

  10. Love that smile when Brad mentions that he is now “an owner of a card room” at 2:30. You can really tell that this is special and a big next step for him. Proud of you Brad!!

    1. Congrats, Brad! Now that you, Doug and Andrew have pieces of The Lodge, let’s hope this year goes well for you all and that The Lodge gives you three quite the return in your investment. Good luck with the card house!

  11. I respect everyone who were involved in this , Seriously the best piece that I’ ve ever seen on YouTube ,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS !!!!..

  12. This is the second best poker vlog. No one will ever equal Clive Owen´s channel.

  13. Congrats Brad, Andrew and Doug! What a great trio of amazing poker players and content creators. So brilliant.

    1. @Brad Owen just so you know you didn’t have the nuts in the very first hand

    2. @John Doe there is no straight flush, so it goes to brads ace (king high, being that the other dude had a clubs thay both used the ace) of clubs and brads king kicked.

  14. Huge congrats, Brad!! I’ve been watching your vlogs for several years now, and I’ve got to say, it’s been awesome watching your career progress as well as pick up some handy terms and tricks from your videos. The poker playing is smart, the humor is tasteful and hilarious, overall you’re such a good guy it’s awesome to see you take this next step. Here’s to finding the secret for how to play pocket jiggitys and your future success!!

    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos and they’re helping your poker game. It’s been a cool journey to have documented.

  15. I see why Brad is so pumped about the Lodge, opens up so many avenues for new content and a physical spot to foster a community of poker players. Can’t wait to make it out there, so awesome

  16. Congrats on the big move! Hope 2022 is great to you, starting my poker career this year because of all of you. Thank you for the content!

  17. Congratulations Brad on the poker room, it’s been great to watch you grow from the Uk. When we finally get to move freely round the world again, Texas will be on our list and I look forward to looking you guys up. Best wishes.

  18. Congratulations, Brad! So psyched for you, Andrew, and Doug! You’re really a stand up guy and I am so glad you’ve found success in poker and in life and I pray it only continues to escalate!

  19. I’ve been watching you and Andrew since the beginning…I can’t tell you both how excited and proud of you both I am.

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