Can He Call with Jack-High for $200,000?! #shorts

is at risk for his tournament life with simply jack-high however his opponent also has definitely nothing!! Who will triumph?

Can He Call with Jack-High for $200,000?! #shorts

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    1. pokergo haven’t got a scooby, that renko in the booth always saying stuff like this live too. it’s dump but only poker network pumping out live tournies.

    2. Exactly, how can people just straight blatantly lie for clicks… F this place… Just saying.. I only clicked cause the graphic was wrong tbh… As tho it were on purpose, huh..

      also moonlight

  1. What? A lot of thought really went into this video title, and description….

  2. He has a pair of nines and whoever posted this video knows about it he just wants you to write a comment

    1. Write me up I’ve got something special for you 🎊👆

  3. Yes great call and Fox is a beast but calling with third pair heads up is infinitely easier than Jack high, he’s not Robbi

  4. I assume he’s just discounting an Ace, and he blocks J10 so it really comes down to does Song have a queen or not, and he blocks some Queen X hands. Note to Robbi, that’s how a Jack blocker actually works

    1. How does he block J10? By holding one J?? But what about the other 3 Js? He doesn’t block them and a 10, correct?

  5. Next time someone makes a call against me with mid pair, I’m going to accuse them of calling because of their high card. And tell them that PokerGo had my back. Please don’t be a meme with these type of headlines. This is not a Robbi situation.

  6. But he didn’t call with Jack high! He had a pair of nines! Can you not see?

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