Can Daniel Negreanu Strike Again at the U.S. Poker Open?! [FULL FINAL TABLE]

Daniel Negreanu headlines the last table of United States Poker Open 2024 Occasion # 5 as he goes up against fellow Hall of Fame member Erik Seidel, David Peters, Matthew Wantman, Victoria Livschitz, and Grant Wang.

1 – $239,200.
2 – $151,800.
3 – $110,400.
4 – $82,800.
5 – $64,400.
6 – $46,000.

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Can Daniel Negreanu Strike Again at the U.S. Poker Open?! [FULL FINAL TABLE]

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  1. So boring to watch, not a single emotion, joke all stiff thinking way to long.

  2. What an intro.
    You really didn’t introduced us other players but those top famous names ?


  3. no no Daniel . the A3 D is a sign .. you should play it next time .. not fold

  4. What a absolute trash company PokerGO yall can be ashamed of yourselves. That’s why Triton has 10k live viewers and has the best free content. PokerGO=PURE TRASH

  5. Thank you for posting. Poker isn’t about excitement all the time. The grind is the hardest part.

  6. Постоянно жрет за столом, надоело это, и оператор не адекватный в рот заглядывает

  7. these ppl are folding strong hands more folds than playing its abit annoying lack some man stuff

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